Monday, April 12, 2021

Learn and Play: 5 Tips For Playing With Young Children

Young children are basically little sponges absorbing knowledge every chance they get. They learn while talking to you, while interacting with other children and mainly while they’re playing. 

In order for your kid to develop in a healthy manner they should engage in play every day. Thankfully, play comes naturally to kids but in order for them to get the best out of it we should nudge them to use this allotted time mindfully. Furthermore, you should engage in playtime with them so that they’d learn both from the chosen activities and from you. 
Here are some tips which will help you while playing with your young one.
Eliminate distractions
Kids are known to lack focus. In fact, concentration skills are acquired, we don’t naturally have them. In order to immerse your baby in beneficial play you should get rid of distractions. 
If you’re playing with building blocks, make them be the only thing on the floor apart from the furniture. Don’t let the TV play in the background. If you like having music on, choose the tunes which aren’t disruptive such as some quiet classical music. 
Some baby products in Singapore are designed having background music in mind so they don’t make a lot of noise making it more plausible to enjoy Mozart while playing with you baby.
Don’t micromanage them
When playing with your child you may get frustrated sometimes. It would be easier to just show them how to solve that stupid puzzle than to watch them struggle for what seems to be ages. However, it is advised to not do that. 
Let them figure things out by themselves. You should join in and participate but your kid should be the one which leads the way. Learning by making mistakes is an inseparable part of play and by managing their moves we’re in danger of stunting their development.
Pick the toys wisely
If you pay attention to your child after some time you should notice what piques their interest most. Getting them toys which cater to their unique character will make them get the most out of their play. 
If your child is on the more creative side getting them a toy which relies on spatial awareness may be too much for them. Nurture their individualism and buy them toys suitable for them. 
What you also need to consider is their age. Getting a toy which is suitable for an infant to a toddler may result in boredom and disinterest.
Play outside
There’s no better way to enjoy nice weather than to play outside. Playing outside will also come with an added benefit of fresh air, vitamin D and of course socialization. Google your local parks, pack your essentials and embark on an adventure. There you may meet other parents which could prove to be great friends in the future. 
There’s another thing to be mindful of - let your kids get dirty! If you run behind them screaming not to fall and destroy their new pants or what not, you’ll just frustrate both yourself, your child, and quite frankly, other people in the park. Get them some worn out clothes to play in. The park is not the place to be keeping up with the Joneses. 
Learning is not limited to play
If your kid finishes the puzzle or gets bored of the game at hand it doesn’t have to end the learning process. There are some other ways to incorporate learning in everyday situations. 
For example, kids love to ask all kinds of questions, some may even seem banal and annoying to you. Try to answer them all and reward their inquisitiveness. Some other ways to incorporate learning in everyday life is to count the steps when using stairs, sing educational songs while changing their diaper or cuddling. 
A good idea is to make silly faces when in front of the mirror. Kids will find this very amusing and they will learn about emotions too.


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