Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Add A Touch of Modern To Your Home Decor With Floately

Home decor is something which is very personal to each individual. We all have our own tastes, styles and preferences when it comes to how we want to decorate our homes and we're always on the hunt for products which will compliment our home decor styles.

If you're someone who loves a touch of modern in your design and home decor, then you have to check out Floately and their unique range of lighting and 'floating' accessories.

Floately's products are unlike anything you will have ever seen before. They have a modern and quirky twist to them with the fact that they levitate. Yes, you've read that correctly, Floately's products levitate! How amazing is that?

They make for something quite visually striking and a real talking point as part of any room. If you're after a truly unique piece of lighting, greenery or speakers in your home then you have to take a look at Floately's range of products.

I'm particularly in love with their Luna Floating Moon lamp which I think is a stunning piece that would look amazing in my eldest sons' sea and stars themed bedroom. It has such a calming look to it and the fact that it levitates is something truly unique. It's so atmospheric and perfect for a bedroom space.

Floately's products are quite special in that there are no wires or strings attached to create the levitating illusion, their products actually do levitate through the use of electromagnets. How clever is that?

If you're a plant lover and are wanting to add some greenery to your home decor, Floately also have floating plant pots. 

Their AIRSAI is a levitating planter that helps to create a calming atmosphere inside your home. With AIRSAI's spinning technology, your plant will be treated to 360 degrees of sunlight exposure, allowing them to grow healthily. There are four unique styles to choose from too.

This would be a truly unique piece to have in any modern styled home. It would be really eye-catching and quite a talking point for any visitors you may have over because you can guarantee they'll have never seen a floating plant pot before! 

I think an AIRSAI levitating planter would look amazing in our spring themed living room as I want lots of greenery in there in match our velvet green couch and armchair.

If you're looking for modern and quirky lighting solutions for your home, Floately's Volta range could be right up your street. The Volta is a light bulb that floats and spins in an elegant way. This is an LED light bulb, so you can have all the light and functionality you need, without the massive electricity bill! 

The Volta is durable and shatterproof (great to know for family homes!) and is designed to last for years to come.

Floately also have bluetooth speakers too, so they have a fabulous range available for those who want to add a touch of modern functionality to their home. Floately offer bundle deals too for those who want to order more than one product and this makes for great savings too.

You can browse and purchase the full range of Floately's amazing products on the Floately website www.floately.com


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