Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Abandoned Places in Ireland | Coppinger's Court in Roscarbery, West Cork

Last weekend we had our first taste of freedom in five months when we were finally able to leave our 5k. We travelled to beautiful West Cork and discovered a lot of beautiful places that day, but one of the most intriging was Coppinger's Court, located just outside Roscarbery.

If you love hunting for abandoned places to explore around Ireland, then Coppinger's Court is definitely one you have to see with your own eyes.

This four storey fortified house lies in ruins within a farmer's field. Be cautious that the field is surrounded by electric fence and bulls, so you'll have a hard time getting in - if you want to of course, you can see a lot of the house from the roadside too.

Coppinger's Court dates from 1616 and was destroyed by fire in 1641 during the Irish Rebellion of that year. It has lay in ruins ever since. 

To think that this once stunning house has lay in ruins for over three centuries is quite saddening.

It's now home to the birds it seems, as a lot were flying in and out from it while we were looking at it.

Coppinger's Court was said to have "a chimney for every month, a door for every week and a window for every day of the year", so it was quite a thing of beauty in it's time.

I would have loved to explored further to the house, but I was unsure of it's safety and was also conscious about not wanting to trespass on any farmer's land.

This is definitely a spot to visit though if you find yourself exploring West Cork someday.

It's very close to the ancient site of Drombeag Stone Circle too, which we also visited. Two very different sites, but both steeped in Irish history.

You can find directions to Coppinger's Court on Google maps if you fancy exploring a little slice of abandoned Ireland for yourself. 

If you're looking for more travel or days out inspiration for places around Cork, check out my Cork section for lots of beautiful places to visit in the rebel county.



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