Wednesday, March 24, 2021

5 Creative Ideas for Post-Lockdown Weddings

For many couples, getting married is a momentous occasion that calls for a big celebration. However, the last year of lockdown restrictions caused several people to postpone their weddings or drastically minimise their plans. 
With the constraints due to be eased in the next coming months, weddings will hopefully get to go ahead and thrive. 
Whether you’re waiting for all restrictions to lift for large gatherings or having a small ceremony with limited guests as soon as it’s allowed, you deserve the wedding of your dreams. Here are five creative ways to make your big day extra special, whether it’s a big or small event. 
1. Live painting
Many couples document their wedding by hiring a photographer or videographer. For something more unique, you can appoint a live painter to capture the ceremony or reception, leaving you with a gorgeous souvenir of your big day to hang in your home. 
2. Fireworks
To impress your guests and create unforgettable memories, arrange for a showstopping firework display to occur at the end of the reception. 
Fireworks Kingdom has an array of romantic fireworks for sale, including displays in pink and red. The fireworks retailer also offer rockets that burst into a love heart or gold ring shape to embody love and marital unity. 
However, when lighting firework displays, ensure you follow any required safety measures. 
3. Neon sign
Neon signs bring fun and character to weddings and look great with numerous styles, whether you have a themed or rustic aesthetic. 
The neon can direct guests around the venue, display the wedding hashtag, or exhibit your names. You can also personalise it and share a bit of history about you as a couple. For example, the sign could show lyrics from your song, a phrase you both say a lot, or your nicknames for each other. 
On top of this, your neon sign would be a great keepsake that you could showcase in your home.  
4. Creative backdrops
Using beautiful backdrops, such as flower walls and fairy lights, for wedding photographs has become a popular trend in recent years. However, there are many creative options to choose from to make your photo setup stand out and achieve a stunning photo album. 
A colour smoke bomb will produce enchanting and striking photographs for festival themed weddings. For a retro style, use a vintage door or a chalkboard with hand-drawn borders to add an antique touch. Handmade paper cranes, connected via a chain, are a beautiful addition to chic and minimalist wedding photographs too.
5. Plant a tree
Due to the excessive waste the wedding industry causes, couples have incorporated sustainable practices into their big day, including planting a tree. 
Tree-planting ceremonies also bring a fresh twist and even more meaning to weddings. It symbolises the growth of your relationship and the importance of nurturing it. You can choose a tree based on what it represents, such as oak signifying health, life, and family unity.  
After having waited for your big day for so long because of lockdown restrictions, you deserve to experience an incredible wedding. Including these ideas in your ceremony or reception will help create a memorable and magical day for you to cherish as a couple.


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