Monday, February 08, 2021

Men's Wedding Suit Ideas For 2021

With the vaccine rollout in full flow the idea of more of us attending weddings in 2021, from the summer onwards, becomes a distinct possibility raising many important questions – not least what do we wear when we’re finally allowed out?!
Bear in mind that there will probably be more outdoor time at weddings in 2021 as people plan for good airflow and social distancing. This will give men the opportunity to invest in a tweed suit, which is still showing signs of being a 2021 signature, having made a striking comeback peaking a few years ago.
Tweed suits with a more striking tweed waistcoat look great, especially outdoors, with a natural backdrop. Tweed is brim-full of character and allows for the successful embracing of all manner of accoutrements from a subtle flower to an antique pocket watch. The popularity of period television shows like Peaky Blinders has certainly influenced the resurgence of tweed – I mean, who doesn’t want to embrace their inner Tommy Shelby, given the chance? 
While on the subject of waistcoats the trend towards double breasted morning suit waistcoats cut in cloths like dogtooth or Prince of Wales looks set to continue. This trend will be seen in morning and lounge suits alike.
While slim fitted suits are still prevalent it seems there has been something of a shift towards the more classically tailored suit. This is welcome news for those of a traditional leaning. We expect to see high-waisted trousers, often augmented by braces more frequently in 2021 and back to the waistcoats once more, the tailored three-piece is a look that takes some beating.
The thing about traditional looks is they wax and wane and for a while the prospect of a resurgence may seem very unlikely until before you know it a revival is in full flow. This is true of the morning suit – a very British tradition that saw a great revival in 2018 and will continue in 2021. Just make sure that the morning suit should only be worn at weddings or receptions beginning before 6pm and the trousers should always be grey or grey and black with stripes. For the coat, you should opt for matt grey or black and it should always be single breasted with peaked lapels. Your shirt should be high quality in white with a turned down collar and of course you should go all out for a beautiful pair of cufflinks. Your tie should be silk and worn under a waistcoat, which can be single or double breasted. Other than all that, there are no rules!
How daring are you? If you like living on the edge and pushing the boundaries then this particular 2021 trend will fit the bill: the check suit. Tipped by many to be the biggest and boldest shift in men’s wedding fashion for 2021, this could be perfect for the groom. After all, you want to stand out and a patterned three-piece suit will certainly ensure that. Get plenty of advice on the colours and pattern that suits you and you could make a splash for all the right reasons.


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