Thursday, February 11, 2021

Can We Get Married in a Tipi and If So, How Do We Plan the Wedding?

The rules for getting married in a tipi in England and Wales make for a very confusing read. 
As things stand, you cannot have the actual legal ceremony in a tipi in either of these countries because of Home Office legislation stipulating the need for a suitable roofed structure licensed by the relevant County Registrar and approved by the Fire Officer. 
While the actual ceremony cannot be held in a tipi, every other aspect of your wedding can, of course take place in one or several of these unique, highly atmospheric constructions. 
If nothing will stop you from getting your wish of being married in a tipi then fortunately Scotland is a real option. Their more relaxed rules mean that you can actually have your ceremony inside the tipi as well as the wedding celebration. 
Let’s assume, for the rest of us that we will have had the ceremony elsewhere and are planning for a tipi celebration.
Most important things to consider:
Proximity to wedding venue
Before you set about choosing the right field (another key decision) you need to narrow your search down to fields that are close enough to the building in which you are getting married. The very last thing you want on your wedding day is guests stuck in traffic or getting lost on the way to the field.
Field selection
There are few more important factors than locating the right field and getting permission for your tipi celebration. You need the right location in terms of distance to your wedding venue as well as a field that has the right view to help make your wedding one to remember for all the right reasons.

Choose your lighting wisely
Having the right lighting inside your tipi and in the walkways on the field around it will not only ramp up the atmosphere it is essential for safety purposes. So, you need to strike a balance between mood and visibility, especially outside of the tipi. Lighting just under the tipi’s roof rim looks magical, too.
Get help on key facilities
Your tipi provider and if you have one, wedding planner should be consulted on the most important facilities that you will need for your tipi wedding. Your tipi provider will assist you with generator and toilet facilities and together you should get everything in place.
How many tipis do you need?
This will largely depend on the number of guests you are planning on inviting and whether you are planning any activities. You may want a separate tipi for kids, or a designated dancing space. Whatever you have in mind, discuss it with your tipi provider.
Styling your tipi
A tipi benefits from being a completely clean slate on which you can imprint your desired style or theme. Themed tipi weddings can be great fun and an opportunity for you to really get your personalities across, making your wedding a truly unique and personal experience.
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