Sunday, January 03, 2021

The Warmest Outdoor Overalls For Kids From Reima

Two boys wearing Reima outdoor overalls for kids
As a family we spend a lot of time outdoors and living in Ireland I want my boys to be warm when we're having outdoor time. I've found the warmest overalls for kids from Reima, a fabulous Finnish brand that is all about quality clothing and sustainability.

These overalls are perfect for the cold Irish winter and for keeping the boys warm and dry when we're out and about. These are the boys' second set of overalls from Reima, they had others many years ago now which still look as good as new, just sadly outgrown. The quality of Reima's clothing is nothing short of perfection and so functional for what it's needed for.

Red haired boy wearing Reima outdoor overalls
Beau wears the Reimatec winter overall Stavanger in Cinnamon Brown (€169.95), which is a fabulous colour. This is Reima's most durable Reimatec one piece. It's made from extremely strong waterproof yet breathable material. It has an adjustable waist for snug fit and comes with a detachable faux fur hood, which I have to say looks so lovely when the hood is up.

Boy sitting with the hood of his outdoor overalls up
Tyler wears the Reimatec winter overall Bergen in Dark Green (€169.95). This all-in-one has lots of reflective details to keep kids safe when out and about in the dark or on dull winter days. It's completely waterproof - meaning kids stay dry no matter how wet conditions get! 

The faux fur hood is not only stylish, it's perfectly safe for children too as with it's snap on buttons, it comes unattached if it gets caught on anything. The material is dirt repellent but this all-in-one can be popped in the tumble dryer if need be - great for us parents when trying to dry it quickly!

Boy standing with the hood of his overalls up
As always with Reima's products I'm highly impressed with these outdoor overalls and would recommend them to other parents whose kids spend a lot of time outdoors.

These overalls help the boys stay warm, dry and keep their clothes clean when they're out and about. The also look gorgeous with the faux fur trim hoods and the colours they come in. I had great fun photographing the boys in their overalls and think they looked handsome in them!

I'm always delighted to feature Reima on my blog and social media as it's great to collaborate with a brand that is not only producing amazing quality products, but has a great sustainability factor behind it too. 

You can read more about Reima's story and the environmental sustainability of it's clothing here.


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