Wednesday, January 27, 2021

The First Signs of Spring

It's 2021, a year that seemingly is a whole lot harder than 2020 - and that was hard enough.

We're in lockdown, again. The children are out of school, again. The days are hard, again. I'm trying to do all I can to stay positive and something which really brought me some happiness were the first signs of spring.

Spring is my favourite seasons. A season a brightness, new life, warmer days, pretty sights at home and beyond and a general happiness. I can't put into words how spring makes me feel, but I have loved it ever since I was a child.

The sight of the first snowdrops in the grounds of Fota House and Gardens (within our 5k), brought us all so much joy. It also brought me a lot of hope that there's so many beautiful things to come.

Beau likened them to a 'fairy city' and I think that's just lovely. I love that both of my boys take an interest in nature and make up their own thoughts and creations about it all.

Nature has been a comfort through all of this. It's helped me through so many hard times in life. It's a constant. It's always there to provide hope, joy, some beauty to otherwise mundane days. 

It was lovely seeing so many people go back to nature and the simple things in life during the first lockdown. I'm waiting for the brighter and sunny days of spring to arrive and I honestly can't wait for them. There'll be a general happiness in the air, despite how hard life is at the moment for everyone.

The first signs of spring are always beautiful to see, but this year, 2021, even more so.


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