Friday, October 09, 2020

Reasons Why Everyone Should Have A Dog

There’s a reason dogs are called 'man’s best friend'. These animals have been a part of human lives for a long time now and they are loved by people for a whole manner of reasons. 

Dogs can help you out with many problems you may be dealing with and can even set you on a path of self-discovery. There are multiple reasons why almost everyone seems to have a dog, so if you’re feeling hesitant, here are some reasons why everyone should have a dog.
You will never be lonely again
Not everyone enjoys human company, and that’s quite understandable. A lot of people prefer to keep human interaction to a minimum, and this could lead to loneliness. Or you’re an introvert and making friends doesn’t come easy to you. There’s one thing you can do; get a dog. 
Dogs will keep you occupied and can make up for most of the human company you’re lacking. With a dog, you won’t be lonely again because you can always play with them. They’re also quite affectionate so know that once you become a dog owner, you’ll be continuously showered with love. You can also meet new people through your dog. They do us much good we can’t even begin to describe.
You can exercise with them
A weight loss journey can be a hard one, especially when you’re doing it all by yourself. You don’t have to do it all on your own though. Dogs require regular walks, and this can lead to you being in shape. You have to keep up with your dog as they’re running and this will keep you in shape.

You will be having so much fun playing with your dog you won’t even notice the calories you’re burning. So if you know you want to burn some fat or keep in shape, you should get a dog.
They are not as much effort as you may think
People think that taking care of dogs is very stressful, but it’s not. People tend to exaggerate the amount of care that goes into taking care of a dog. Dogs are mostly low maintenance. You can cut back on costs by buying your dog’s feed in bulk. 
You can also dog-proof many things in your house so they can’t ruin it. For example, you can get chew proof dog blankets, because they tend to chew on blankets and ruin them. In case you’re a busy person, you can get automated feeders that will give them food at an allocated time. You can also contact your local pet store to deliver supplies to you monthly. Can you see how easy it is?
They can teach responsibility
Dogs make great family pets. Not only are they fun to play with and cuddle, but children can also learn a sense of responsibility from having a dog by having to feed it every day, take it for walks, give it baths and other care.
Having a dog is great for helping children to realise a sense of responsibility and caring for animals. Children who grow up with dogs also gain a friend from having the dog in their life too - I've seen this to be true with my own boys and our pet dog Bruno. Read my post about why having a pet is great for children if you'd like to know more about why dogs can make a great pet for kids.
The pros of getting a dog outweigh the cons by far. You stand to gain many things by getting one than just remaining alone. Even if you have a significant other, a dog can help the two of you in bonding. People wouldn’t continue getting dogs if they didn’t come with benefits. Everyone needs to have a furry companion, at least once and dogs make for a fantastic addition to the family!


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