Friday, September 11, 2020

Top 5 Family Things to Do in the Cotswolds

Located in the UK, Cotswolds is a beautiful destination worth visiting with your family. It is packed with honey-coloured towns and villages and surrounded by breath-taking scenery. There are a lot of places to visit and fabulous things to do with your kids in Cotswolds. Below are some ideas of things that you can do with your family on your next getaway to Cotswolds.

Explore Bibury and Cirencester Planning a trip to the Cotswolds with your family? Make sure you set aside some time to visit the Bibury and Cirencester villages. The Bibury village is in Gloucestershire Cotswolds and was named one of the beautiful villages in Cotswolds by William Morris. The village has several tourist attractions including the Bibury Trout Farm, The Church of St Mary, and Arlington Mill.

Cirencester is a short drive from the Bibury and is considered the capital of Cotswolds. This beautiful market has a captivating history and was the second largest town after London during the Roman times. There are great attractions to explore like the New Brewery Arts, Roman Amphitheatre, Coronium Museum and more.

Rent a Big Family Cottage
There is a wide range of family cottages in Cotswolds that provide families with the right accommodation during their holiday. The family cottages are perfect weekend and long getaways and are usually secluded in private areas.

Depending on the number of family members and your budget, you may opt for a self-catering independent cottages that comes with shared amenities. These cottages include a fully equipped shred kitchen, a shared lounge, a shared seating area and more.

Trek Along National Trust Areas Cotswolds is home to fantastic and family-friendly National Trust properties where you and your children can enjoy a lot of activities. These National Trust areas have large outdoor spaces that can accommodate children of all ages. You can trek through the meadows and hills as you take in the beauty of the woods and valley. Additionally, you can explore the historic and stately homes in the area such as the Croome, Chedworth Roman Villa and Dryham park.  

Go Glamping Cotswolds is a popular destination in the UK for people who enjoy sleeping under the stays but with a bit of comfort. If your family loves the idea of glamping in a group, you need to head out to Cotswolds and book in one of the Cotswolds group glamping sites.  

Visit the Cotswolds Water Park A perfect way to experience Cotswolds with your family is by visiting the famous water park. This water park is home to beautiful natural surroundings including lakes and wildlife. It accommodates a lot of recreational activities including water sports, birdwatching, angling, biking, archery, and walking.

People of all ages can have fun in the crystal-clear lakes and activities in the Cotswolds water park. Besides, the water park is surrounded by 13 traditional villages and old market towns that you can visit to explore the history of Cotswolds.

Cotswolds is a hub for tourists and especially families that are on vacation. It is packed with family-friendly attractions and activities that will ensure plenty of fun for people of all ages. Plan your trip now and discover what this amazing place has to offer. Most of the glamping areas in Cotswolds have scenic views and offer plenty of activities nearby to do like hiking and walking. Just ensure that you find a family-friendly glamping area and pack lots of wellies and coats.

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