Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The Boys and the Horses

November will mark one year since we moved to the countryside and I can't begin to tell you how happy I am to be raising my boys in the country. I grew up in the countryside myself, in the exact house we're now living in, but I appreciate it a whole lot more now. My boys are learning that best friends come in all sizes, and love interacting with all the animals we have here on the farm.

I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago of my boys and the horses. Dakota, the beautiful friendly cobb horse is so gorgeous and wanted to share these pictures here as I love them so much. We had great fun capturing these images and Dakota is such a poser! I added some hydrangeas to Lexi and Daisy's bridles too and they made for some beautiful pictures - flowers and horses are a great combination it seems!

When I was growing up here we had no farm animals as such, only ducks and chickens. So, for my boys to be able to interact so freely with the horses and the sheep is such a lovely sight to witness. It's teaching them respect for living things and how to care for them. The boys genuinely take an interest in the animals and Beau in particular is like a little farmer, always so keen to watch the animals and to help out with caring for them.

Isn't Dakota absolutely beautiful? Her colouring is just gorgeous! I added some daisies that were growing in the paddock to her bridle and I think she looks like a queen! Truth be told, I'm scared of horses, but the three that live on the farm are so friendly and loving that I'm overcoming my fear.

This picture of Tyler laughing and leaning upon Dakota (he was actually laughing at one of the other horses peeing!) makes me so happy. I'll remember these joyful moments when my boys are grown up - and hopefully still just as interested in the farm.

The other horses we have here Lexi and Daisy, our little falabella who I've shared on the blog before are best friends and are never without each other. It's so sweet and they're always up for a cuddle. They're the biggest sweethearts and the best little horses to have around the boys.

Photographing the boys with the animals on the farm always brings me so much joy. It's like a photographers dream really to have such lovely subjects to capture all the time. Each season brings new photo opportunities with them all too. 

I plan to make a gallery wall in the house with these pictures I've taken and have it really personal to us and the animals who live here.

Tyler wears Hatley new season fleece and Beau wears Duns new season top, both bought with a collaborative discount from Rainbow Kids Boutique.


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