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How To Reduce the Cost of Road Travel

Keeping the cost of road travel down is something people have been trying to do since we’ve been able to drive. 

As a family we've covered a lot of miles in our car - including a 4 hour round trip just yesterday, a long drive to visit Wexford Lavender Farm and an even longer drive to Clare and Connemara for our staycation. So, reducing the cost of road travel is something we're always looking to do, because we really do travel a lot in our cars.

I'm highlighting four simple but effective ways that you can bring down the costs of your road travel this year and beyond. Read them, put them into practice, and after a while you’ll notice that you’re spending less and less on your journeys.

Use a fuel card to save money on diesel and petrol

Making savings on your diesel and petrol is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about how to reduce the cost of road travel. This might be obvious but it doesn’t stop it from being the right strategy and a fuel card can help you to make the savings you want.

Fuel cards are a form of credit that's specifically for diesel and petrol. They give you access to discounted fuel, which is an obvious way to reduce your costs. However, another way they can help you to make savings is by allowing you to set weekly limits. This helps you to change your mindset about road travel, helping you to make less unnecessary journeys. A further advantage is that they create an electronic record of your purchases, something that’s particularly handy if you take lots of business trips.

If you really want to reduce your travel costs by using fuel cards then it’s important you find the right one. Some can only be used in either the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland. Others, such as this one covered in iCompario's DCI card review, can be used by residents in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

So, make sure you check the coverage of the fuel cards you’re considering before deciding which one to opt for.

Swap your vehicle for a bicycle (where possible)

Not all road journeys need to be via automobile. If you want the double-win of saving on fuel and vehicle costs then you should seriously consider switching to a bicycle (where possible).

The obvious benefit of moving to a bicycle is that you’ll use your car less. This means you won’t be buying as much diesel or petrol to make your journeys, nor will you have to spend
as much money on your vehicle to keep it road worthy.

But it’s not just your bank account that will experience reduced costs from using a bike. Cycling emits no fossil fuels, meaning that you’ll be doing your bit to cut the costs that greenhouse gases have on the environment.

One thing to think about with using a bicycle is how to transport your children. If you want to take your kids on a journey then you do this in two ways. If you have very young children then you can get a baby bike seat, like these listed in DRIVRZONE’s baby bike seat review. If you have older kids then you can get them their own bikes.

Consider investing in a portable touch-up paint kit

When hitting the road, keep in mind the wear and tear your vehicle might face. Minor scratches are almost inevitable, but you can save on repair costs by considering the use of a touch-up paint kit. These kits are not only portable and easy to use but also budget-friendly. Taking care of those minor scratches with a touch-up paint kit can help keep your vehicle looking great without breaking the bank.

Invest in regular services for your vehicle

Your immediate thought with road travel is that it’s the fuel that costs you money, but that’s not the only place your cash goes. Maintaining your vehicle can set you back a large amount and the way to keep this down is to invest in regular services.

It feels wrong to recommend spending money when the idea is to save it. However, many expenses in life are the result of trying to do things on the cheap and then being forced to pay more in the long run. Road travel is exactly the same.

Services highlight underlying problems before they become a significant cost. This gives you the opportunity to save money in a few ways. Maintenance fees are cheaper overall, there’s less chance you’ll have to pay to have your vehicle towed, your automobile will last longer so you won’t have to fork out for a new won as you might have had to.

All of these things are particularly important if you need to use your vehicle for your job. Why? Because if you can’t drive to work then you’re also losing money, especially if you’re self-employed.

Getting value for money is crucial. Picking a reputable company to carry out your service gives you the peace of mind that the right work will be done and that it’ll be for a fair price. BetDrive is part of the Continental group and it’s one of Ireland’s most respected car servicing providers. You can find out about BestDrive’s servicing options by visiting the website now.

Using a fuel card, switching to a bicycle, and getting your vehicle serviced aren’t big or exciting ways to reduce the cost of road travel in 2020. They’re just simple tips that will make a big difference to the amount of money you spend on driving – and that’s exactly what you need.

So, look for a fuel card, dust off your bike, and book your vehicle in for a service now, and over time you’ll notice significant savings.

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