Wednesday, August 19, 2020

5 Fun Family Adventures in the U.K. and Ireland

You will definitely be spoilt for choice when going for a family holiday in the UK and
Ireland. Both countries are blessed with an abundance of exciting adventures that cater to
families with kids. With so many places to go and tons of things to do, it can be difficult
to plan a holiday with the little ones. So, to help you with this, check out these fun family
adventures in the UK and Ireland.

1. Wild Camping in Scotland
Wild camping is a wonderful experience for both adults and kids. The best place to
experience this is in Scotland. It's blessed with scenic outdoors where you can legally
pitch your tents and experience living in the wild and there are plenty of wild camping sites around Edinburgh to choose from.

The Lost Valley in Glencoe is one of the most picturesque places to camp in Scotland.
You can take shelter behind the giant boulders, surrounded by dramatic mountains and
with a meandering stream on the side. But if you prefer to camp by the coast, check out
the Kilmory Bay in the Isle of Rùm or the West Loch Shore in Tarbert.

2. Narrow boating in Wales
Wales is famous for its extensive network of canals, where coals and other minerals are
being transported during the early times. Although the old commercial barges that use to
transport these products have long gone, you can still explore some of the most beautiful
sections of Wales best canals on a narrowboat and relax while taking in the stunning

Narrow boating in the beautiful canals of Wales is a fun adventure that you can share
with your kids. As the boat glides gently along the water, take in the gorgeous scenery
along the way, from flower-strewn banks, rolling hills, wooded valleys, and charming villages.

3. Stay in a Castle in Ireland
Most kids dream of staying in a castle. Make this dream come true by taking your kids on
a royal-themed adventure in Ireland and go and rent a Irish castle. Stay in a Gothic castle
in Galway surrounded by a scenic lake. Go boating or take your kids on a trekking
adventure on the trails surrounding the castle.

The Smiths Castle in County Clare is another excellent option for your family adventure
in Ireland. This 15th-century Irish castle is steeped with a fascinating history and opens
up to a gorgeous river valley.
On your second day you could travel to the North for an epic family day out on a causeway coastal tour, and see the Game of Thrones filming locations as an extra bonus. Staying in a castle, learning of the myths and visiting your favourite T.V. show locations would be the icing on the cake on a trip to beautiful Ireland!

4. Take a City Adventure to London 
London offers plenty of options for a fun family adventure. Whether you’re traveling
with an active toddler, an inquisitive five-year-old, or a hard-to-please teenager, you’ll
find that London offers plenty of fun family things to do.

Take your kids to explore the city’s top galleries and museums, play some fun games at
the parks, visit the gorgeous castles in London, or cruise along the River Thames at night,
to find out more about castles around London check out the Travel Aisle! Depending on
your budget and time, London has everything in store for you.

5. Surfing in Cornwall
Cornwall's stunning coastline is sure to delight your little ones. Dubbed the UK’s surfing
capital, Cornwall is a great place to go surfing with your kids. Experienced surfers will
surely have a blast riding the giant waves in Newquay, while beginners will have fun
learning a range of surfing lessons at the top surfing schools.

As one of the most family-friendly holiday destinations in the world, Cornwall offers
plenty of fun family adventures for all families to enjoy. Aside from enjoying a fun day at
the beach, you can also explore the Eden Project, the largest indoor rainforest in the
world, or visit the injured seals at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

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