Monday, June 15, 2020

My Summer 2020 Bucket List

A picture of some beautiful pinky purple poppies I spotted on a visit to Inch Beach, Cork.

I started this year by stating that - "2020 was going to be my year!". I was so enthusiastic and passionate about this. I wanted to make it my year. I was willing to do all I could to make it my year, however, as we all know, the universe had different plans.

I could never in my wildest dreams have imaged that life and all it's privileges and freedom could be taken with one foul swoop of a global pandemic. These are the kinds of things you only read about in history books, right? Yet, here we are living through the history.

I find myself being astounded and then angry at the whole situation and all that Covid19 has taken from so many people. Although I've not experienced a death or anything quite so life-changing or tragic, I do still feel sad at the little things it has taken from me, such as celebrating my 30th birthday and finally signing on our mortgage and becoming homeowners.

I have faith that these things will happen for me and mine, and hopefully someday soon, but the worry and stress and sadness that has been with me these past few months, and with many others no doubt, hasn't been easy to live through.

So, with this in mind and life returning to some normality again, I wanted to do something positive and write my hopes and dreams for summer 2020 in a bucket list. After all, 2020 is a year we'll never forget and I want to have some great memories among the bad.

My summer 2020 bucket list
Become a homeowner
Get to Jersey (if it's safe to do so) - not safe to do so, so sadly can't happen.
Let the boys have a sleepover
Visit where grandad was from in Clare - we went there on the 10th of July
Get to Connemara - we visited on the 11th of July
Finish a painting
Do arts and crafts with the boys - we made pretty stick fairies
Visit three new places around the country - done in July
Do a photo shoot for other people - done 12th of August
Have a bonfire
Make an afternoon tea for the girls
Have a pizza night for the boys and their friends
Hang fairy lights in the garden and make a tent for the boys
Visit the Old Head of Kinsale again and photograph the cliffs - done in July
Have more beach days - we had lots of beach days this summer
Have a pretty picnic - lots of pretty picnics were had!
Make fruity frozen lollies
Make a sprinkler for the boys
Go to Lismore Castle again - Jacek and I went on our own and I shared in this post.
Take the boys fruit picking
Make a scrapbook of our summer memories
Put up the farm animal gallery pictures
Do more personal blogs
Go swimming in the sea - I've gone for multiple swims now and don't care what anyone thinks of me!
Go for a walk every day in July - didn't happen but I have gone for more walks.


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  1. I think I’m going to make a bucket list as well!! 😉


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