Tuesday, June 16, 2020

How To Make Pretty Stick Fairies

It's no secret that as a family we love nature. We're almost always outdoors and we love spending time surrounded by nature - which isn't hard now that we live in the countryside. With the boys at home now for over three months, I've been looking for new things to do with them and I thought that doing more arts and crafts would be a good experience for us all. That's where the idea to make some pretty stick fairies came from.

We're lucky enough to have woodland just a minute from our house, so I gave my littlest boy a basket and told them both to pick up whatever natural materials they wanted from the woods to use for their stick fairies.

This was a great way of spending a day as it made for a nature walk, lots of fresh air, scavenging and then arts and crafts time.

All you need to make these pretty stick fairies are:
Sticks - any size, any length!
Permanent marker
Paint and other decorations are all optional - I have a large arts and crafts box which I'm trying to use up so this made for the perfect excuse to embellish our fairies.

We painted our sticks - Tyler went for a rainbow fairy and I painted the others gold and copper, and then I used pipe cleaners to make arms for the fairies.

I also used pipe cleaners to secure their leaf and fern skirts in place and to use as clothes for the fairies.

I had found knotted wood in ball shapes on the trees in the woods and used these for fairy heads. I secured the heads with playdough. I then drew little faces on each one with permanent marker.

For embellishments we used painted leaves, pom poms to make rainbow wings and I also used a tiny little stick and mini glittered pom pom to make 'magical wands' for the fairies.

I finished them with little flower hats of rhododendrons, geraniums and buttercups and I think they looked quite sweet!

We then places them among our roses, a sweet-smelling home for our sweet looking fairies!

This is such a lovely seasonal craft to do with the kids - you could make different stick fairies for each season if you wish. They can be played with, placed in the garden or hung from string to make a hanging bedroom decoration.

They're free to make - if you don't want/already have some craft supplies and they gave us a good hour or two of crafting, so they make for a great way to spend some time too.

What do you think of our pretty stick fairies? Will you be making some of your own?


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