Friday, June 12, 2020

6 Ways To Customise Your Home On A Budget

Whether you just moved into the house or have been wanting to do updates there for a while, now is the time to do so. After all, you spend a lot of time there and deserve to have a space that meets your family’s needs, as well as having a comfortable atmosphere. Here are six ways to customise your home:

1. Incorporate Your Hobby
If you like crafting, create a craft corner within your house to make it even more satisfying to do the activity. Invest in drawers and storage containers, as well as a stable surface area to scrapbook, sew, draw, or do another activity that you love. You might find that over time you enjoy the hobby so much that you want to make it a home business. 

You could also display your crafts on shelves or as wall hangings to make the space even more personal and enjoyable to be in.

2. Hang Family Photos
What better way to customise your residence than by hang
ing photos of your loved ones? Family is not only those who are connected by blood; they are also friends who are so close that you would call them brother or sister, after all, 'friends are the family that we choose ourselves'.

Display the photos on a feature wall or spread them throughout the home to create a more welcoming interior. You could create a gallery wall of happy memories or a certain theme to go with your decor.

We live in a farm house and are creating a gallery wall of us and all the lovely animals we have here, so it's very personal and always lovely for us to look at. I use Freeprints to order free prints each month and it's a really cost-effective way of updating my photos and having memories displayed in my home.

3. Built In Wardrobes
Get an elegant and functional closet for the bedroom so that it fits seamlessly into the room. Built in wardrobes with mirrored doors or another style are budget-friendly. They are often bigger than freestanding wardrobes too so are great for storage.

To help keep everything organised, store your most-used shirts, pants, and shoes as eye level, with lesser-used ones below. The rarely worn items can go on the highest shelves.

4. Get Painting
A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for creating a home
that you enjoy being in, no matter the season. For the interior, consider painting a feature wall in a bold colour that complements the surrounding three walls. 

Paint is an inexpensive way to transform a room and make it your own.

5. Change the Hardware
In your bathrooms and kitchen, does the hardware look outdated? If you're on a budget and can't afford to get a whole new suit or kitchen, then replacing the door pulls and drawer knobs with modern styles and materials can be a cost effect way of giving the room a fresh look.

Changing up the hardware of your kitchen or bathroom can instantly transform the look of your existing bathroom and kitchen cabinets. You could even paint them to give the room a complete transformation.

Make sure you select hardware that fits the existing drill holes so that you can easily swap out the old ones for new.

6. Put Up New Window Treatments
When you upgrade your window treatments, you’ll find that it changes the whole look of the room or entrance way. It completes the space and brings together different colours well. If you haven’t thought much about this decorating feature, now is a good time to do so. You might decide that shutters look great in the nursery or that you prefer bamboo shades instead.

Taking Steps to Customise Your House
Personalising the interior of your home can transform how you see it, making you more comfortable in the space. From small additions to bigger projects, there are many ideas that can improve the appearance and functionality of your home and make it a lovelier space to be in and enjoy.

Make your home a place that your family loves to be and look forward to creating wonderful memories there together.


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