Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Beau, You Are Four!

To our darling Beau,

You are now four.

These past four years have gone by in the blink of an eye, and it feels like we have never been without you.

You are the cheekiest little character we know, with one of the best and brightest smiles. You're not always smiling though, you're quite like a cranky old man too at times, but it seems to be all part of your charm.

Everyone loves you. They comment on how lovely you are, how gorgeous your hair is and you really stand out to people.

Last September you began pre-school and it was a little saddening not having our morning together, going on walks to say 'hello to the sea' and everything else we used to do, but you love school and it's so sweet seeing you go in and play with your little friends.

I hope when you go back in September you'll love it just as much as you did before the pandemic began. I'm sorry your time among other children your age was short-lived for your first ever year in a schooling environment.

At four you still love your Teddy and cars - you have so many and know if one is missing! You love playing cars, playing house and washing machines with Tyler, going for walks 'all around the world', doing things out around the farm and playing with water - usually washing your cars!

Since we moved to the countryside you've been in your element. You love the farm! You love checking on the sheep, playing peekaboo with the lambs at the creeper, saying hello to Dakota, helping out with the sheep, going for rides in the tractor with J.J. and everything else. You even told me that when you grow up you want to be a farmer with sheeps, cows, horses, chickens and pigs, two houses, two tractors and a car - you'll be busy!

You love clothes and shoes, you're very particular about what you wear. You're particular about a lot of things in life and at such a young age you already have your ways and how you like things. You're the boss man!

In your short four years we've seen and done so much together. We have so many lovely memories and we could never be without you Beauzie, our little fox. You're such a lovely little boy - your happiness for seeing me each morning just makes my day and even though you're four now, I think you'll always be our 'Baby Beau'.

We all love you very much and we can't wait to celebrate your lockdown birthday with you - another thing to add to your history book!

Lots of love always darling boy,


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  1. What stunning photos, you have a gift! I love seeing other redheaded children as a mummy to my own curly redhead. ❤️ Beautiful


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