Friday, April 17, 2020

Why Having A Pet is Great For Children

Getting their first pet is a major milestone for kids. Not only does getting their first pet bring a companion and furry friend for them to have in their life, but it also brings them a sense of responsibly too with having an animal to look after.

The experience of having a pet helps children to grow up learning to love and respect animals and experiencing the joy of having their own pet.

Deciding on the right pet for your family is important and whether you have the right space and time for a certain pet is an important thing to consider.

If you think your child would like to have a dog, it's important to consider whether they'll be willing to take it for the walks it needs and if you have apt outdoor space for a dog. 

Dogs also need some essentials to be cared for properly, such as a collar and lead, a dog license, micro chipping, good dog food and a comfortable place to sleep.

Perhaps you'd like to go all out and pamper their new beloved pooch with luxury dog beds, or, if you decide to adopt an older dog from a shelter, an orthopedic dog bed would be a more suitable choice. 

A cat is another great pet idea for a child as cats generally take care of themselves - a part from feeding and a regular pet. Cats are much more independent creatures and are an easier pet for children to care for. 

I'm such a cat person and grew up with two lovely cats who I had since they were kittens. They lived for 16 years too, so when deciding on a pet it's important to think of the lifespan of the pet and your commitment to it for life. The Pet Empire has lots of great products for cats - and dogs too.

If you want a low-maintenance pet for your child, a fish is a great idea. Goldfish are a very popular pet and it's not hard to see why. They're cheap to buy, require a fishbowl to live in and food and their good to go. 

The hardest thing involved with owning a goldfish is cleaning out it's tank, but kids will love watching their little friend swimming around. A goldfish is also a great pet idea for people who may live in rented accommodation and aren't allowed cats or dogs.

Why is having a pet great for children?

Whatever pet your child chooses - may it be rabbits, hamsters or even a snake(!), they'll learn a great sense of responsibility from looking after their new friend and will gain empathy too from looking after a living creature.

Hopefully, owning their first pet will be the start of a great love of animals, which will be a love that will last your child throughout their lifetime. 

I can only hope that my boys will love animals just as much as I do and now that we live in the countryside with sheep to care for, a horse living in the field and their grandad's dog to care for, I think they're definitely on the animal lovers path. 

I've shared all about our country season and our first experience of lambing season.

How old was your child when they got their first pet and what was it?

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