Tuesday, April 28, 2020

We're Duns Sweden Brand Reps!

Children's fashion has been a passion of mine since I found out I was pregnant with Tyler. I've always looked for unique clothing for my boys and found a love of colourful kids clothes in recent years. One brand I've loved for a few years now is Duns Sweden and I'm delighted that we were chosen as brand reps for them.

Duns Sweden make beautiful organic clothing. They have been awarded the Global Organic Textile Standard for maintaining high-level criteria along the organic textiles supply chain and compliance with social criteria as well.

We were chosen as Duns Sweden brand reps from Instagram photos I tagged in the brand's rep search and I was delighted to be chosen.

Being a brand rep for a clothing brand we love is a great thing for me. Not only does it give me the chance to dress the boys in beautiful clothing, but it gives me the chance to be creative in the content I create for the brand too.

Photography is another thing I'm really passionate about and I hope to start my own photography business someday, so our brand rep roles give me an opportunity to practice my photography and come up with some beautiful and creative ways to show off the clothing in the best ways I can.

I'm a big fan of whimsy, natural and outdoors shots and I think this shows off children in their most natural way and shows the clothing in their best light too.

I've been photographing for Duns Sweden as a brand rep for almost a month now. Each week I pick a new print and choose a way to photograph it that I think suits the print. This cloudy day print is full of whimsy with balloons, clouds and beautiful bright blue skies. I took inspiration from this and headed to the woods with the boys with balloons in hand.

They thought this was great fun and I love that our little photo sessions give them great fun too. I don't think I've ever been in the woods with balloons again but it made for some lovely photos.

Beau absolutely loves the Duns Sweden cloudy day print from the Spring 2020 collection. He was sent a onesie in it from Duns and it's become one of his favourite items of clothing - so colourful and comfy.

Tyler already had the cloudy day print in a long sleeved top from another brand rep role of ours Rainbow Kids Boutique - an Irish website that sells Duns Sweden and other gorgeous ethical clothing brands. He wore this for his 7th birthday pictures and it was the perfect birthday top, in fact, he called it his 'birthday top' as soon as he saw it!

Working with brands such as Duns Sweden and Rainbow Kids Boutique has opened my eyes to all the beautiful ethical and sustainable fashion brands out there for kids. They make clothes kids love to wear and the quality is nothing short of perfect.

The fact that there's almost a 'cult following' for these brands shows for itself just how much brands such as Duns Sweden are loved and I'm delighted that we're associated with them.

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