Tuesday, April 14, 2020

An Easter Egg Hunt in the Woods ♥

Ever since 2015, when Tyler was 2, we've celebrated Easter by having an Easter egg hunt in the woods. It's a lovely tradition that I'm so glad we started 5 years ago, but this year, with everything going on in the world, we were going to let our tradition slide - despite living just a minute away from woodland.

We moved house in November - back to my childhood home, and it's a house which we're hoping will become our own, so we decided to mark Easter with an egg hunt in the garden on a very sunny day during the week - Easter Sunday itself was lashing rain.

On Easter Monday though, Tyler asked if we could please have our Easter egg hunt in the woods - "Like we do every year" he said. So, when Jacek came home from work, we bundled off to the woods, the boys with baskets in hand and with 6 Easter eggs I had forgotten we had bought and went for a mini egg hunt.

I brought along the Beatrix Potter and Cath Kidston bunting that I use every Easter - it only gets out of the cupboard once a year, but it's amazing how pretty a string of bunting can make a picture.

Beau had great fun finding the eggs. Tyler was upset because he had fallen from a tree while climbing. He wasn't hurt but I think he was just shocked he fell. We tried to lighten the mood for him with our little egg hunt and the promise of a chocolate treat.

While Tyler was off playing with a stick and a pine cone, Beau stat down to enjoy an egg in the woods. It was a shame both boys didn't sit together and I couldn't snap a picture of them enjoying their chocolate findings, but as they get older I think it's best to let them do their own thing.

I'm so glad Tyler asked if we could have our Easter egg hunt in the woods again. I had planned to have it again in the beautiful bluebell woods like last year's Easter egg hunt, but unfortunately it's not within our 2km. There's always next year.

I made this collage of all our woodland Easter egg hunts over the years and it's amazing to look back on times with only one child and then being pregnant, then having a baby and 3 year old and then a toddler and a child and then two grown boys together - 7 and 3. We'll carry on this tradition for as long as they want to take part and who knows, maybe one day there'll be another sibling searching for the chocolate eggs with them too.

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  1. My children are 18 and 25, and sometimes they come with boyfriends or girlfriends but they still like to hunt for eggs, and I'm going to use your idea this year! Just have to run downstairs and whip up some bunting. Thanks for sharing!


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