Saturday, April 25, 2020

A Quick Guide To Reducing Skin Redness For Good

Skin redness can vary from mild to severe, and can happen for a multitude of reasons. For example, some people notice facial redness after consuming even a small amount of alcohol or spices, while others may blush or flush at the slightest change in temperature.

Knowing what to do to reduce redness can help to give you your confidence back, and ensure you always feel good in your own skin. Below, you’ll find some pointers that will help you to reduce skin redness for good:

Figure Out What Your Triggers Are
Some people have triggers, such as alcohol or spices. You may not have a trigger, but you should pay attention and think about what may have been the cause of your sudden bout of redness.

Use A Specially Formulated Self Tanner
You don’t have to cover yourself in a super dark self tanner to hide your redness. If you like a subtle glow, you can find tanning formulations that are designed to color correct the skin. Isle of Paradise is a good brand you can try for this; natural, and easy to apply - I use this brand myself and have never had problems with it.

Use A Special Cream Aimed At Redness
Brands like Grahams Natural are great at creating creams for specific issues, such as eczema, and of course, redness. The cream is a specially formulated emollient that could help to reduce your redness with regular use. Some people swear by using CBD creams.

Make sure you give any cream you try at least a couple of weeks to work its magic before declaring it a failure (unless you experience irritation or a reaction - in which case you should stop using immediately).

Consider Switching To More Sensitive Skincare Products
Your skin could simply be sensitive, in which case, you may need to swap to sensitive skincare products. Natural products are great for this, but remember, just because some products are ‘natural’ doesn’t mean they will be good for your skin.

For instance, many natural products contain essential oils, which are natural but could cause irritation.

Try Corrective Makeup
While you’re waiting for your products to work their magic, corrective makeup can help to cover some of your redness during the day. Green neutralises red, and you can buy concealer especially for this. You simply apply your regular foundation over the top afterwards.

Keep Your Skincare Products In The Fridge
You can now purchase small beauty fridges especially for creams (but a normal fridge will work just fine). The soothing and cooling effect of applying cool products could help to reduce redness and inflammation.

Apply SPF Every Day
SPF is essential for protection from the sun. The sun could even cause a reaction in your skin if you have been using exfoliation products. Retinol, for example, is recommended for anti-aging purposes. It can cause redness and irritation when not followed up in the morning by SPF, though.

See Your Doctor
If all else fails, your doctor is your safest bet. They may be able to get to the root of the issue if it is more serious, and some people have even been prescribed antihistamines to bring down the redness.

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