Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Pretty Pastel Flower Birthday Cake ♥

Being a flower lover, I just had to have a flower themed birthday cake for my 30th birthday, didn't I?

I showed Jacek some cake designs that I liked, sourced from Pinterest of course, and this is what the cake maker came up with. I loved it, it was so pretty!

The cake itself was lemon sponge, with lemon buttercream to ice it. It was delicious and I think it might actually be quite an easy cake to recreate myself - I'm already thinking of an Easter/spring twist to give to the decoration.

The pastel coloured flowers were made of fondant icing and one of the flowers was painted with edible glitter too - so pretty!

The cake was so lovely that I had to post about it. It was a lovely addition to my 30th birthday celebrations and I want to remember it. I used to post all the boys' birthday cakes here on the blog too and I miss how much this space on the internet used to be a virtual scrapbook of sorts for us as a family. I have to bring it back to that.

If you're a flower lover like me - evident from how often flowers feature in my photography and on my social media, then this cake is a great option for a birthday or party, or even if you want to recreate it yourself - which I'm going to try and do in time for Easter.

Jacek also bought me flowers which matched the colours of the cake, so I had to get a few snaps of them all together. Love a bit of colour coordination! It was so thoughtful of him. The loveliest pretty pastel flower birthday cake I could have asked for.


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  1. Happy Birthday Fiona from your family in South Africa. We hope you've had a super day with your family. 30th Birthday is a very special one to remember. This cake looks really awesome with all these beautiful flowers, which we know you love so much. It must've been delicious. All the best. Love Zofia and the rest of the family.


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