Wednesday, March 18, 2020

How To Make A Statement in Your Bathroom With Black & White Flooring ♥

Monochrome might get you thinking about the olden days, possibly before colour photos existed. However, black and white doesn’t mean ‘old’, on the contrary, black and white screams ‘statement’. With that knowledge, if you want to make a statement with our bathroom flooring, here’s why you should opt for a monochrome pattern.

Go mad with mosaic
Mosaic patterns are wonderful for those who like to try every option, before making their decisions. With mosaic you can play around with shapes such as; hexagons or even simple squares. Mosaic tiles are versatile in colour and shape.

One more won’t hurt

If you’re the type of person who likes standing out, then adding a feature colour to your black and white theme will do just that. Use the black and white as a surrounding edge to the perimeters of your bathroom or as diving lines between a charcoal grey slate tile. 

Opposites attract
Bathrooms that are completely white can often feel cold without the right accessories and alternate colour influences placed throughout them. Take a different approach to monochrome using flooring and select all-black flooring in matte or gloss and balance out all white walls.

Inspirational flooring
Flooring is such a big part of any room that it’s worth choosing it first and letting the rest of the furnishings fit in around it. Another strategy is to create separation between the fixtures and fittings in your bathroom, such as when you have an en suite you may want it to co-ordinate with the bedroom, or if you have a walk-in shower you may want that area to be indicated through flooring. Use your flooring to guide you.

Make a lasting impression
Monochrome has a versatile to fit into areas you didn’t think it could. That’s why when you put so much planning into a renovation or redesign project it makes sense that the products you buy are going to last. Amtico are renowned for their quality vinyl flooring, with a range that incorporates, Signature Woods, Stone and even Abstract! Luvanto is similarity known for its lasting high-tech quality, with a significant luxuriousness. Endure Pro, Design and Click Herringbone are just some of the distinctive ranges available.

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  1. Absolutely agree that black and white tiles floors look great, whatever your decorating style.


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