Thursday, March 05, 2020

8 Low Maintenance Exercise Tips ♥

Exercise is great, right? There are so many things about it that make us feel fantastic. The rush of positive energy after a good session, how it makes us fitter and stronger, and the benefits it has on our physical and mental health.

Many of us have the best intentions when it comes to a regular exercise routine, but it’s totally understandable that life gets in the way and in our hectic schedules, exercise is often the first thing to slip.

Fear not and rejoice! There are loads of ways you can keep up a low maintenance exercise routine that can be slotted into a busy schedule, some of them you won’t even realise you’re doing.

Weighted Bands
When you’re doing chores or the evening routine, try strapping on some weighted bands to your wrists and ankles. These bands, which on average are around one to two kilograms, are barely noticeable once attached but can give day to day tasks an additional, muscle toning edge.

Desk Exercise
If you work at a desk all day and struggle to move around, consider purchasing some equipment that can help to get you moving while still sitting at your desk. From resistance bands for your legs to standing desks and exercise balls, desk exercise for just 10 minutes an hour can be incredibly beneficial.

Muscle Recovery
If you’re the kind of person who takes advantage of a spontaneous opportunity to get in a workout, you may want to look into taking a supplement that can help with muscle recovery. High-quality CBD oils have been known to promote muscle recovery after short, intensive workouts, so you’ll be ready to grab that next opportunity sooner.

10-Minute Exercises
Squeezing in a 10-minute workout even just a few times a week can have an overall benefit if maintained for an extended time. The NHS website has loads of great ideas for short sharp workouts which can be incorporated into your day. Try rotating the exercises to focus on arms, legs, core and cardio in turn and don’t forget to do some stretches to warm up and cool down.

Outdoor Entertainment
If you’ve got children to entertain, make sure you plan active tasks that get both you and them moving. Instead of staying inside or going to soft play, get some fresh air and take a ball to the park or, if they’re a bit older, book a day at an activity centre. Being outside has a whole load of other benefits too, many studies show spending time in nature is beneficial for mental health.

Digital Detox
One thing that almost all of us are guilty of is spending too much time on our smartphones, time we could be spending doing something else. A digital detox simply involves consciously spending a little less time looking at a screen. During downtime, it can be all too easy to waste time scrolling or watching television, but it’s these activities that eat away at our free time and cause us to feel rushed and stress. Cutting down on screen time for just 45 minutes a week is enough to replace with a workout, so it’s worth making an effort.

A few minutes of stretching twice a day can help to loosen muscles which in turn will make your body feel revitalised and more ready for exercise. Being more flexible can also reduce the chance of injury during workouts, so get those muscles stretching.

Kegel Exercises
Regularly exercising your pelvic floor will not tone your muscles or make you fitter, but Kegel exercise is incredibly beneficial and often overlooked. Men and women can benefit so try and squeeze those muscles a few times a day!

Have you got any more suggestions for low maintenance exercise? Share your tips in the comments below!

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