Friday, March 20, 2020

5 Tips For Looking After Curly Hair ♥

Curly hair is absolutely beautiful to look at, but my goodness, it be a real job to maintain properly!

Not only do I have curly hair myself, but my sons also have very curly hair and I'm constantly asked for curly hair tips from people who admire their curly locks. I'm sharing my top tips for managing, styling and maintaining curly hair, for anyone else who is blessed with curly locks.

1. Never cut extremely curly hair wet
This is a huge one, especially if you have extremely curly hair and sadly, this is one I've learned the hard way when it comes to my boys' beautiful curls.

If you cut tight curly hair while it's wet, you will be unsure of just how much the curl will spring back up, so cutting it dry or lightly dampened with a spray bottle, is the best thing to do - especially on fringe areas. This will save you ending up with hair that is shorter than you wanted or that has been cut on the middle of the curl - which looks absolutely hideous, believe me!

2. Know your curl porosity
This is essential for being to find the right styling products for your hair, as the porosity of your hair is it's ability to absorb moisture. So, if your curls have low porosity, they need only lightweight products such as light oils and conditioners, etc. If your hair has high porosity it needs more moisture and can absorb products such as butters, creams and heavy-weight conditioners.

It will be very simple to work out what porosity your curls have as you see how it takes different products. For example, my youngest son's curls have high porosity because his hair can easily take lots of butters for conditioning and styling without getting weighed down or looking greasy, whereas, with my own hair, if I used a butter product it would look extremely greasy and would be flat.

3. Apply conditioner to dry hair
Curly hair needs a lot of conditioner to keep it's bounce. By applying the conditioner to dry hair, it means it can be absorbed better. For my sons' hair, I have a spray bottle with water and conditioner mix and I spray this onto their dry hair every morning, comb lightly and then let it dry naturally. This helps their curls to stay bouncy and looked styled without much effort at all!

4. Comb your curls when they're soaking wet
By combing your curls when they're soaking wet, it encourages the curls to clump together and dry in their natural state - which can't happen if comb on partially dry hair because they'll have already started to clump and you'll be breaking the formation with the comb.

I use a Tangle Teezer to brush through my own hair and the boys' when in the shower and bath and it helps our curls look their best - without getting caught in any pesky knots!

5. Know which products work best for styling your hair
I have 'go to' products which I know will work best for my own and for the boys' curly hair. We all have different hair thickness and porosity, so need different products to make our curls look their best.

My hair - which is a more wavy curl and is very long, works best with mousse applied to my hair either wet or dry and then scrunched to make it look it's best. Lightweight oils are also great for my fine hair and leave it feeling silky and conditioned.

My eldest sons hair - which is full of fine ringlet curls, works best with a sea salt spray for styling, lightweight oils and conditioning sprays, as his hair drys beautifully naturally.

My youngest sons hair - which is is full of tight curls and is quite dry, works well with butters and heavier conditioners as it absorbs the moisture and dries beautifully with these products.

Hopefully these tips will be helpful in helping you to look after your curly hair.

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