Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Tyler & Beau | Siblings {February 2020} ♥

Another month, another siblings post - I actually forgot about January's though!

I want to carry on with this project because it's lovely to have the pictures to look back on, both for myself and the boys.

February is the month where the boys have the biggest age gap - Tyler is turning 7 this month and Beau will be 3 until May. There is exactly 3 years, 3 months and 3 days between the boys - can you tell I love the number 3?!

Since Christmas break Tyler has really changed. He's been happier in himself, he's no longer getting in trouble at school, his sensory issues have calmed down a lot and he's been so polite. It's so lovely to see because he's such a lovely boy and I want people to see that side of him. He's been a very considerate big brother to Beau too. They have always loved each other, but I've noticed him doing proper protective big brother things now like holding onto Beau when they're on the merry-go-round for example, this is just a simple thing but not something I've ever seen from him before.

He's always been very kind to Beau and was very protective when he was a baby, but to see him looking out for Beau on his own accord these days was so lovely to see. The boys are still very close and although they squabble - inevitable being almost 7 and 3, they really do love each other and are very sweet to each other, always having to say good morning, good night, have a hug goodbye before school, etc.

Even though the boys have different interests, they'll play together nicely - until Beau tries to destroy Tyler's LEGO creations! They play outdoors, are getting more and more interested in the farm and Beau plays with Tyler's friends just as much as Tyler does!

I think what I love most about the boys having each other is that it's clear that they'd never be without each other. They're always concerned about where the other one is, and although they have their own things going on now with Beau at preschool, etc. they always want to spend time together and that's such a lovely thing.

As the saying goes - "As long as I have a brother, I will always have a friend", and that's definitely the case for Tyler and Beau.

The boys' gorgeous tops were kindly gifted to them by Rainbow Kids Boutique, who they are brand reps for, and how lovely do they look in their Villervalla tops. Perfect for spring!

This month the boys' are loving:

Tyler - thinking about his birthday, LEGO, playing with friends.
Beau - Clarence, going to school, playing in the playground.

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