Saturday, February 22, 2020

The Best Things About Childhood ♥

Although we don't realise it at the time, childhood is probably the most precious time of our lives. It is so carefree and full of joy and I have to admit, I really miss being a child. I miss not having to worry about things all the time, being able to spend time with friends, having so much free time to do whatever I wanted and the learning... I really miss the learning - this seems to stop when you become a busy adult, well, in my case anyway.

I'm sharing the best things about childhood, some of which I cherish from my own childhood and some of which I've been told by my eldest son Tyler. I actually got emotional compiling this list because all of these things are so wonderful and I wish life could have had this happiness, magical feeling and innocence forever - which is why I try by best to make my children's childhoods the best they can possibly be.

These are the best things about childhood:

1. Getting presents off Santa at Christmas time
2. Being told "I love you" by your parents
3. The magic of Christmas morning
4. Days off school
5. Each birthday being special

6. Spending lots of time outdoors
7. Having lots of friends to play with whenever you wanted
8. Making dens in the woods or in your garden
9. Jumping in puddles
10. The happiness
11. Getting new toys

12. Riding your bike
13. Watching TV and having great cartoons to watch
14. Learning new things
15. Getting a visit from the tooth fairy
16. Getting treats or money whenever the grandparents came round, even if it was just 20p!

17. Having birthday parties with all your friends
18. Being read bedtime stories
19. School tours
20. Playing party games - musical statues, musical bumps, Simon says
21. Skipping with friends in the summer with giants ropes so everyone could join in on the street

22. Being energetic
23. Not having to work
24. Playing in sand and building castles
25. Playdates with friends
26. Having a great imagination
27. Making new friends easily

28. Snow days
29. Playing with Playdough and LEGO
30. Colouring
31. Feeding ducks in the park
32. Playing dress-up whenever you want
33. Being able to climb trees
34. The excitement of hearing the ice-cream van

35. Going to theme parks
36. Using an empty box to create countless games
37. Getting piggy backs
38. Asking questions whenever you want, no matter how inappropriate!
39. The excitement of using public transport

40. Everything, no matter how mundane, seems like a big adventure
41. Having sleepovers
42. Going on holiday with your grandparents
43. Having your grandparents around - I've lost two and it's so sad that they'll never meet my kids

44. Playing with your siblings - even if it meant squabbles
45. Being able to use the paddling pool in the garden in the summer
46. Falling asleep on the couch and your parents carrying you to bed
47. Pretending we were grown ups and it being far more exciting than our actual grown up reality

48. Playing pretend
49. The joy of becoming a sibling or having a new baby in the family
50. Cuddles and kisses with your parents
51. Trick-or-treating
52. Feeling loved
53. The feeling of pride when you did well at school/won an award
54. Getting to stay up later at the weekends

55. Being thrown in the air
56. Trips to the seaside
57. Having lots of cuddly toys who are also your 'friends'

58. Having a pet
59. Having an innocence that only childhood brings
60. Finding joy in the everyday things
61. Getting treats for being good
62. Being part of clubs
63. Imaginary friends


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