Monday, February 17, 2020

Dear Tyler, You Are Seven Years Old ♥

Dear Tyler,

You are now seven years old!

I really can't believe you're already seven. Seven seems like such a big age and you're getting so grown up!

I hope you know, and always know, how proud I am of you. You are an amazing person and I feel honoured to be able to call you my son. You're absolutely lovely and I hope you never change.

You've been a much happier and calmer person since Christmas and are doing so well at school. You're brilliant at your work. I love listening to you read and doing your homework with you each day to see just how much you've learned. This week you won a prize for having the most dojos in the class and being kind. You being kind and helping others means so much more to me than good grades ever could. Never change and always be helpful.

You're such a sweetheart and the people in your life mean a whole lot to you. I'm so glad you have a best friend and have had one since you were a baby. I'm so glad you're a big brother and have Beau to grow up with and play with each day. You crave company and ask me for a baby sister - maybe one day!

Your love in life at the moment is LEGO - you can't get enough of it and are always building the best creations, even without instructions. You love helping out on the farm and are the best little shepherd there is. You want to be a fireman when you grow up and love anything to do with fire engines. I hope your wish will come true

You brighten up our days by being the happy, sensitive and caring soul you are. You love having jobs to do, being out and about and are absolutely loving living in the countryside.

You did so much in your sixth year - you went to Grandad on your own in the summer, you flew to South Africa with Daddy and have seen more of the world than I have and all the adventures you had in between too. I hope your seventh year is just as adventurous and fun for you.

Here's to seven my darling boy. I love you.

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