Wednesday, January 15, 2020

The Amazon Firestick - Is It Worth It? ♥

There’s no doubt you’ve already probably heard of Amazon’s unique streaming gadget - the Firestick. Recently, the company has gone so far as to introduce ‘Fire TV,’ but we won’t focus on that today.
Some people have been hesitant to get a Firestick because they either don’t know how it works or don’t know what benefits it could provide.

Of course, it’s important to encourage physical activity and time outdoors for your kids. But, letting them watch one of their favorite shows or movies can be a real treat. And, as a parent, a Firestick can give you the opportunity to catch up on some of your favorite “binge-worthy” content, too!

So, is a Firestick really worth it? What can you expect if you get one?

To Stream or Not to Stream
About 72% of American households use some kind of streaming device to watch content. So, using the Firestick to stream shows, movies, and music is nothing new. Thankfully, it’s also really easy to do, and basically has a “plug and play” way of working.

The Firestick itself is a little bigger than a standard flash drive, and it plugs directly into your television. Instantly, you’ll be able to stream content using your WiFi connection. The Firestick allows you to stream Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Pandora, HBO, and more.

You can also download more apps onto your Firestick, including social media apps and games.
More Benefits for Prime Members

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’ll be able to reap even more benefits. You’ll have access to Amazon’s original shows and movies instantly, as well as Amazon music that can play through your television.

If you have kids, one of the great things about the Firestick is it gives you a clear picture of what’s been watched recently. It’s a great way to monitor what your whole family is viewing so you can make sure it’s appropriate. Of course, there are parental controls you can put in place as well!
You can also keep your kids safe by using a VPN. The right VPN for your Firestick can help to ensure your privacy and security whenever anyone is watching content.

Is It Right for My Family?
A Firestick is really a unique, all-in-one streaming device. Newer versions even have Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa. It’s the most popular streaming device on the market for a reason, and it’s likely because it offers so many things that other devices can’t - all in one compact remote.

So, while this isn’t an advertisement for the Firestick or a warning against any other type of streaming device, it’s important to know some of the things you can expect when you’re considering the right streaming platform for your family.

If you already have Amazon Prime, and you’re subscribed to several different services like Netflix and Hulu, the Firestick can keep everything organized and in one place for you, so your family can enjoy their favorite content any time, with just the push of a button (or, even by using their voice!).

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