Friday, January 31, 2020

How To Make Your Own Valentine's Day Cards ♥

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and if you're someone who's quite savvy at making your own cards, designing beautiful things to gift people with or if you simply would like to give it a try, then I hope this post inspires you because I had never made my own cards before using graphics, but think my efforts came out lovely!

If you've been wanting to try card making for yourself and have a go at making some beautiful cards for your friends and loved ones to enjoy then definitely go for it! Once you get the jist of downloading files and uploading them to content making programmes, it's really easy to create your own, beautiful designs.

Valentine's Day is a great occasion to make a card for too as a Valentine's Day card is such a traditional sentiment and one that's been crafted by you is so much more personal and special for the recipient.

This week I made my own Valentine's Day cards using the gorgeous svgs from Design Bundles. They have some beautiful watercolour designs available which are just my taste and I used them to make some beautiful Valentine's Day cards and some smaller cards for the kids too.

They have lots of other designs available too and I'm sure you'd find something no matter what your aesthetic tastes may be.

The cards were super easy to make too - and honestly, I'm somebody who is usually useless at this sort of thing! I used Adobe Spark, which I use on the free plan, to find Valentine's Day card templates and was able to upload the svg's from Design Bundles as images and backgrounds to use for the cards. It was that simple!

I was then able to place them images where I wanted, add overlays and text and when I was finished I simply saved and printed.

The sgvs from Design Bundles allowed me to make all different designs on the cards. For the red card above I actually used a cutting files template as a background as I think it looks like someone drew their own designs on the card and I wanted to keep it that way, however, these files can also be taken apart and used in any way you like for designing a card. For the hearts card I used a plain white background and then used the hearts as a background image on top of this - this design already came with the gold 'love' text on it. I then used two banner overlays to add my own text - easy, right?!

I made this lilac watercolour hearts card by using a watercolour svg as a background. I added a heart overlay for the text and then a rose icon to dot in between the hearts. I love how it turned out. It's so pretty.

I've previously shared how to use free fonts for making graphics online and you could add your own fonts to your Valentine's Day card designs quite easily too. It really is so simple to make these and I think they look beautiful! These are perfect for gifting to the one you love or making cute designs for the kids to hand out to their friends, etc. By making your own cards you can design every element of it yourself and print it to whatever size you want.

You could even make your own Valentine's prints and decor from these designs too which would really be lovely! I'd love to get the watercolour designs frame because they're so pretty - I love the pastel colours.

Have you ever made your own Valentine's Day or other cards using svg's? Would you give it a go for this Valentine's Day?


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