Thursday, January 02, 2020

How To Keep Your New Years Resolutions ♥

We’re all guilty of putting the 1st of January on a pedestal, treating it as if somehow, magically, the first day of a new year will make sticking to all those good intentions that slide away the rest of the year not only easy, but enjoyable.

If you’re already feeling stressed by the goals you’ve set yourself, fear not – below, you’ll find some tips and tricks to rethink your targets and slide into February with ease and grace.

One Slip Up Doesn’t Mean Total Failure
If you vowed to do dry January, but have already found yourself reaching for the wine after a hard day, then you aren’t alone. Treat each day as it comes and don’t be too hard on yourself. Rather than going cold-turkey on a habit like smoking, try using nicotine patches or vaping to gradually head towards quitting. You have to be ready to make a change to see it actually happen. 

If you do plan to try vaping, BuyV2Cigs supply a great range to suit all budgets. Apply the process of gradual change to all aspects of your life and you’ll soon start to see results. If you’re in the habit of a cookie or chocolate bar to lift that afternoon energy slump, instead of completely cutting it out and feeling like you’re withholding, replace it with something healthier like a smoothie or piece of fruit so you don’t feel like you’re missing out as much.

Set Specific Targets
When you’re deciding what you’d like to change, and how to do it, it’s easy to think in broad brushstrokes. For example, you might find yourself looking in the fridge and saying to yourself, ‘I’ll eat more healthily,’ or ‘I want to be more flexible.’ Although these aren’t bad things to consider as umbrella goals, they aren’t that useful to you in the long run. What do you mean by ‘eat more healthily’?

A vague resolution is no better than no resolution at all. Break down what you want to achieve into measurable steps. So, if you do want to eat more healthily, what are you doing at the moment that’s unhealthy? Are you ordering too many takeaways? How can you give yourself an incentive to get the number down? It might be finding recipes that you can cook like your favorite takeout food rather than buying them in. Or putting the money you’ve saved aside for some new clothes or a trip away (you’d be surprised at how quickly it all adds up).

Measure Your Targets
Where do you want to be and when? A great way of setting targets that you can easily follow is to follow the SMART plan. Although more commonly used in business, applying it to your everyday life gives you an easy way of breaking down your goals into manageable chunks, and also provides you with tips on how to measure them.

If you want to lose weight but have no timeline to do it in, it’s easy to put making positive changes off until tomorrow… which just never seems to come! Stay focused, doing what you can each day at a time, turning your habits into lifestyle changes rather than silly diets and you’ll achieve your goals for 2020 in no time.

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