Sunday, January 26, 2020

DIY Upcycled Bunny Bunting ♥

*This upcycled bunny bunting inspiration & imagery are courtesy of Crafter's Companion.

Looking to make some adorable DIY bunting that's perfect for bunny-inspired Easter decor, or indeed to hang in a child's bedroom all year round? Look no further than this gorgeous DIY upcycled bunny bunting from Crafter's Companion!

You will need:
  • Triangle templates for the bunting flags and bunny face templates for the decals
  • 2 men’s shirts for upcycling
  • A4 sheet of pink & blue wool felt
  • cotton fabric scraps for the ear inserts
  • 200cm (80”) of plain bias binding
  • 150cm (60”)of patterned bias binding
  • co-ordinating embroidery threads
  • 5 buttons
  • Tools
    basic sewing kit
    sewing machine
    heat-erasable pen
    computer & printer 
How to make:

 1. Use the template to cut out 12 triangles from the shirts (you will need two triangles per pennant), six bunny faces from felt and 12 ear inserts from fabric scraps. Pin a bunny and the ear inserts onto a pennant and stitch around the edges of them, trimming any loose threads. Repeat for the remaining pennants.

2. Embroider the facial features of the bunny using embroidery thread and separate the threads to use just one strand for the whiskers.

3. Sew the front and back triangles of the pennants right sides together, leaving the tops open. Turn them through to the right sides through the open tops and press them.

4. Fold and press the bias binding in half lengthways, open it out then fold and press the edges to the centre fold. Open it out and pin it onto the front of the pennants, aligning the top edges and leaving 9cm between each pennant. Leave 30cm on each end to act as ties.

5. Stitch the bias with a 0.6cm (¼”) seam allowance in one continuous line, press the seam open and fold the bias binding, ensuring you fold it again on the reverse side with enough to cover the original seam. Slowly stitch along the ditch of the original seam along the length of the bias and press it.

6. Cut the patterned bias binding into five 30cm (12”) strips. Fold and press them in half lengthways, open them out then fold and press the long sides to the centre fold and fold them in half again. Stitch the open long sides together and tie each strip into a bow. Pin and stitch the bows between the pennants and embellish each one by stitching a button onto the centre of it by hand to finish.

Isn't it gorgeous?! Such a lovely DIY project for those who like to sew and I love that it's made from upcycled men's shirts - it's always great to see fabric being repurposed when possible.

What do you think of this sweet DIY upcycled bunny bunting? Will you be giving it a try?


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