Tuesday, January 28, 2020

DIY Easter Carrot Treat Bags ♥

*This DIY Easter Carrot Treat Bags inspiration & imagery is courtesy of Crafter's Companion.

Spring is almost upon us - February 1st according to the calendar I follow, and I'm already dreaming of Easter - my favourite holiday along with Christmas.

Crafter's Companion have offered lots of beautiful DIY Easter decor and treat inspiration and I have another great DIY project to share with you all today - DIY Easter Carrot Treat Bags. How lovely do they look?

These are a great project for those who love to sew and who want to have something lovely to give or display treats in, or to even use as part of an Easter egg hunt. Check out our annual woodland Easter egg hunt if you're looking for some inspiration.

Here's how to make these gorgeous carrot treat bags for yourself - perfect for Easter bunnies!

You will need:
  • Template download
  • orange & green fabric
  • co-ordinating thread
  • embroidery thread for the small carrot bag
  • 2 38cm (15”) lengths of ribbon for the small bag
  • 2 51cm (20”) lengths of ribbon for the large bag
  • basic sewing kit
  • sewing machine
  • heat-erasable fabric pen
  • iron
  • computer & printer
How to make:
1. Use the template to cut out the fabric for each treat bag. For the larger version you will need to double the size of it. Fold and press the short end of the carrot top panels 0.6cm (¼”), wrong sides together, and topstitch it.

2. Stitch a carrot top panel to a carrot base panel along the raw short ends, right sides together, and press the seam. Repeat with the remaining carrot top and carrot base panel to create each half of the treat bag. Place the halves right sides together and stitch the sides, leaving the short end of the carrot top open. Clip the curved seam, turn the bag the right side out and press it well.

3. Turn in the carrot top so the topstitched seam from Step 1 covers the top raw edge of the carrot base inside the bag. Draw a line 1cm (½”) up from the bottom carrot top seam on the right side and stitch along this line and just above the top seam of the carrot base to begin creating the casing for the drawstring element. Use embroidery thread for this if you’re creating the smaller bag.

4. Use an unpicking tool or embroidery scissors to unpick the side seams of the bag between the lines of stitching for the casing. Thread ribbon through the casing following the same method described in Step 5 of the ‘Bunny treat bags’ project to finish.

Will you be making these gorgeous carrot treat bags this Easter?


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