Saturday, January 25, 2020

Country Living | Lambing Season ♥

Lambing season is in full swing and it's been great fun here seeing all the adorable new arrivals over the past few weeks - and they're still coming! Every morning when I go down to the 'sheep maternity hospital' as I've dubbed it, there seems to be new arrivals!

Since we moved to the countryside life has been busier than ever! I've somehow finding myself being roped in a shepherdess in training! I actually enjoy going down to feed the lambs throughout the day though. We've been hand-feeding the firstborn lambs - who I've named Adam and Eve, since they were born on January 2nd and the kids love getting involved and helping out with the lambs too. Tyler has said he wants to learn to be a shepherd while he's still a kid!

I took these pictures of Tyler and the ewe lamb, Eve, on one of her first outings to the field. They were adorable together and I love the images so I had to share and document them here on the blog. I never thought I'd find myself bottle-feeding two lambs everyday, but here we are! It's like going back to the newborn stage again with bottle-feeds every few hours and making up the formula with the warm water.

As of late I haven't shared a lot of our personal updates on the blog, but I want to share more in the coming months as after all, I began this blog to be a virtual scrapbook for my family and I to have always and look back on in years to come.

Our life in the countryside is better than we could have ever imagined. The children are happier, we're less stressed, we're all learning new skills and there's always something to do. It's been brilliant seeing the children take an interest in the animals on the farm and with lambing season in full swing and possibly going on until April, there's plenty of opportunities for them to lend a hand and learn more about nurturing and caring for animals first hand.

I've been sharing almost daily about the lambs being born over on my Instagram @dollydowsie and was completely surprised yesterday when this picture of a Border Leicester sheep and her little ewe lamb was super popular on Instagram. I had sheep farmers from all over the world sharing it, commenting on it and following me because of it. Who knew sheep were so loved?! I certainly didn't, but I guess no one can resist a super adorable baby lamb!

On the farm we have Border Leicester sheep and Suffolk sheep and the majority of the lambs being born are a mix breed of Border Leicester and Suffolk. They're so adorable with their mottled markings. Beau has also been loving the lambs and was delighted when his new cow puddle suit, which was gifted to him from Regatta, arrived and he was able to join them in the field. A cow petting the lambs, how sweet can you get?!

I hope to share a lot more about our life in the countryside here on the blog and on my Instagram too, so please follow along if you'd like to see more over the coming months.

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