Friday, January 03, 2020

3 Great New Year Gift Ideas For The January Detox ♥

It is not difficult to overindulge at Christmas; we take the extra helpings of cake, we are partial to a warm gooey camembert and we truthfully find ourselves, as we should, enjoying every moment.

However, when January hits, it is important that we start to take a little bit more care with our health. There are plenty of fads that hit in January, veganuary, where you can adopt a healthy vegan lifestyle for the month, dry January, where you stop drinking alcohol for the month to detox, however it is important that these lifestyle changes we do in January last for the rest of the year. 

It is so easy to slip back into your old ways after list after list of health goals and the desire to work out four times a week; however, it is important that we eat well, sleep well and that our minds are also healthy. January is a month of sales and it’s a brilliant time to jump on the bandwagon; here are some New Year gift ideas for birthdays or even next Christmas, that you can take advantage of before the year has even begun.

Products To Help Stop Smoking
If you know someone who has decided they want to stop smoking for January, or they are wanting to make a conscious effort to cut back then why not look at buying them an e-cigarette. This is a brilliant alternative to tobacco and has great results for helping someone stop smoking or at least drastically cut down. An E-cig uses E liquid as an alternative and comes in many flavours with small or large quantities of nicotine. It can diminish the symptoms caused by smoking and although the long term health conditions are not known, it is believed that it is overall a safe substance and alternative.

New Workout Clothes
Nothing feels nicer than new gym clothing if you’ve just renewed your membership. If the motivation is lacking a little for someone you know, or even yourself, then grab some of the New Year offers and get some new kits! Pick colours that inspire, and have yourself feeling ready to go for whatever you choose to do. Pick clothing that can be used for all forms of exercise, such as cycling or outdoor walks, and that aren’t just limited to gymwear. Sportswear in general can be a brilliant motivational treat.

Food Subscription Boxes
This isn’t necessarily a new concept at all but it can be really beneficial for people who are on the go and like to try new healthy foods. You can treat someone to a six month subscription of choice, whether it be healthy teas or snacks, every month they can have a box of goodies appear on their doormat and take them to work with them or have them on the go. There are so many to choose from, from vegan and plant based boxes to healthy treat boxes, the options are endless.

So whatever you choose to take on this January, or whoever you have to buy for this year, make sure you make it a healthy choice!

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