Sunday, December 15, 2019

Tyler & Beau's Christmas Eve Box 2019 ♥

Every year since Tyler's first Christmas back in 2013, I have put together a Christmas Eve basket for the children to enjoy and this year is no different, instead of rather than having a basket, they now have a beautiful wooden and engraved Christmas Eve Box.

The box is stunning, featuring rabbits, pine trees and both boys names and is from a lovely shop called Norma & Dorothy. The Christmas Eve box costs £34 and something that can be used every Christmas.

In the box I always include a new pair of pyjamas for them each to wear on Christmas Eve night. This year's pyjamas are by Hatley and are the 'Country Christmas' print. I bought these from Rainbow Kids Boutique.

I also always include a bubble bar to use in their Christmas Eve bath and got a cute polar bear one from Lush for them to have this year.

Of course, there always has to be some treats for the boys to enjoy included within the box so I got them a bubbly Santa and a packet of Percy Pigs from Marks & Spencer, as well as some lovely looking chocolate bars from Lidl. I also added in a chocolate Santa lolly for them each and some gold coins too.

Every year I pop a Christmas book or two in the box for them too and this year I recycled the 'Winnie the Pooh's Christmas Party' and 'Peter Rabbit: A Winter's Tale' books we already had as they were small enough to fit into the box.

I hope the boys will love their Christmas Eve box this year. I always love putting it together for them and chose to only put a small few treats in it this year as they have so many lovely surprises to look forward to on Christmas Day.

You can see the Christmas Eve boxes I put together for them previous years here.

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