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How To Use Free Fonts For Social Media Posts & Growing Traffic To Your Site ♥

*This is a collaborative post.

Social media can be a hard place to stand out in and people are constantly looking for new ways to ensure that their content is seen. Having beautiful, clear and engaging posts that capture viewers attention is an absolute must if you want to grow your following and attract traffic to your blog or website.

One great way of enhancing your social media posts is with different fonts. You can get a font free and use it to make beautiful social media graphics and posts that stand out.

For some time now I've been wanting to create social posts and Pinterest pins using my photography with different quotes and I've created some using Spark from Adobe, which was super simple to use. You can see my efforts below and I'm really pleased with how they turned out. They didn't take much time at all but will hopefully be useful in gaining some shares and traffic for my social and blog.

You can upload your own fonts to the Spark site, meaning that you can create posts that are truly in keeping with your style and personal to you.

My photography is seasonal and I was able to find some beautiful free fonts which were perfectly fitting for the graphics I wanted to create - I have linked the fonts below just in case you take a liking to them too.

Using free fonts is easy. You simply find the font you want, download it to your computer, extract the file you want (the OpenType file is recommended) and then upload to whatever content creator you're using. The fonts I'm using are from and can be used on a whole host of programmes including Microsoft, Adobe, etc. The fonts look beautiful and professional and there are so many to choose from in the free section, making them a great cost-free tool for your graphic creations.

One great use for free fonts, especially if you're a blogger, is creating striking and clear Pinterest graphics that will drive traffic to your blog. Have a great post which you think people will find useful? Create a graphic using free fonts to make it stand out. Once created simply pin to Pinterest or share on Tailwind and you will see the traffic coming to your site from your pin. You can read about the 11 things which exploded my blog if you're wanting to know more about how I use graphics for attracting traffic to my site.

Candy Christmas 

Another great use for free fonts is in creating memes and quote posts which can potentially go viral on the likes of Facebook. These are super simple to create, don't take much time and they can potentially bring a lot of new follows and likes to your account - so why not give them a try?

Dream of Spring

I will continue to use my photography, along with free fonts, to create quote images and Pinterest graphics to grow traffic to my blog. This year alone, I have made Pinterest my top referrer by spending time creating graphics to go with all of my posts, which I then pin to Pinterest and have people interested in my images clicking through to my site.

Fonts are so important as they're telling people what you're selling, sharing, providing and along with a great image, are what capture people's attention, so investing in some free ones is a great asset to growing your site and social media.


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