Monday, December 09, 2019

How To Make A Large Room Feel Cosy ♥

Though they provide ample space, large rooms can seem bare – and when they do, it’s often hard to create a cosy atmosphere in them. But if you want to warm up your interior, don’t worry. You can easily achieve this – just read mt top five tips to find out how:

Fill corners with plants

It’s common for people to start furnishing a room from the centre outwards – but very often, it’s best to start with the corners, especially in big spaces. Before you jump into buying a new coffee table, look at the edges of your room, and see if you could fill it with something vibrant, like a plant. Just remember to make sure that it’s a spot where it’s sure to get plenty of sunlight! 

Invest in warm lighting
Want a simple way to add comfort to a large space? Simply bring in some warm lighting! It’s widely believed that warm shades appeal to our evolutionary need to find food, as it evokes the image of fire, which is obviously needed for cooking. When we see a warm lighting feature – such as a candle or fairy lights – it tells our basic instinct that we’re safe. So, if you’re wanting to induce cosy vibes in a big space, you may want to invest in warm lighting.

Centralise the seating area
It can be tempting to spread out a seating area when you’re dealing with a large space. But do this, and the room may end up feeling sparse. If you’re wanting to make a big room feel cosier, it’s worth creating a relatively small seating space. Worried that a number of seats placed close together will look cluttered? You could always trade a few chairs for a comfy 4-seater sofa! That way, you can cultivate cosiness with maximum ease.

Add thick textures
Let’s be honest, does anything say cosy more than a wool blanket? Or a tartan one, for that matter? Drape either over a sofa or a seat in an airy room, and it could massively boost its appeal. This is especially important during winter, where a lack of sunlight can eat away at welcoming vibes. Furnish your indoor space with warm textures, however, and it’s guaranteed to take on a cosy feel. 

Bring in bold artwork
What makes a room memorable? Ask almost anyone, and they’ll you that it all lies in its artwork. The beauty of a large indoor space is that you can display big works on its walls – so, if you’ve ever dreamed of owning a gallery, this could be time to make that wish come true (sort of)! Hang up large prints on the wall, and it’s likely to feel smaller and cosier. 

Transforming a large room into a cosy space doesn’t have to be tricky – follow our top tips, and you can easily make this happen. Better still, you’ll have fun during the process.

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