Saturday, November 09, 2019

Tyler & Beau | Siblings {November 2019} ♥

Wow, it's been almost a year since I last wrote a siblings post. This was a photography project which I loved so much and it was great to have all of the boys milestones and memories together here on my virtual scrapbook of a blog. I don't know why I stopped and I'm quite sad I did.

I have the photos of them together each month of course, because I'm always taking photos, but I'm sad that I don't have the words to go with them. So here I am, starting again with the siblings project and I will get round to making that photo book of all their siblings photos in it, I'm determined to!

The boys have grown so much this past year. Not only are they extremely tall - especially Beau for his age who no one believes is only 3, but they have reached so many milestones too.

Tyler has gone on two holidays without myself or Beau and once without his father too. He's been to a new continent - Africa, where he spent time with his grandparents and met his uncle, aunt and cousins for the first time. He went into senior infants, started sea scouts and found a lovely for all things fire engines and LEGO.

Beau, while still being very much the baby of the family, started pre-school and found his feet making new friends in his little class of seven. He enjoyed freedom of going out on the road with the 'big boys and girls' during the summer - supervised of course and learned to speak to us all in sentences.

They spent a lovely summer together before Tyler went to Jersey for 11 days on his own with his grandad and they went on their first ferry on their first visit to France together. They had lots of beach days and play dates and travels around the country and it was a great summer before school began again.

They're still very close, currently sitting on a chair together watching cartoons while I type this. They give each other lots of cuddles, are genuinely happy to see each other at school pick up and give each other a hug and kiss hello and goodbye. They play together and love to be around each other and although they can get too rowdy or drive each other mad with squabbling and fighting over toys at times, for the most part they get on well.

Tyler greets Beau with - "Hello my precious angel" which is the sweetest thing I've ever heard and Beau still affectionately calls Tyler 'LeeLee' - and Beau is the only one who's allowed to call Tyler that!

We're now moving on to a new chapter of our lives. The house we currently live in is being sold so we're moving out to the countryside and to my childhood home. I'll be rearing country boys for now and they're so excited about the move.

Last night was their last night in this house and although we didn't form any real emotional attachment to this house, I'm still a little bit emotional that there'll be no more birthday gatherings in this kitchen, no more sunny days spent with playdates in the garden and no more tree mural above Beau's bed.

The boys are so excited for Christmas next month and I'm so excited for their next little adventures and the memories they'll make together before the year is over.

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  1. Such a lovely post and lovely affectionate boys. I wish you every happiness in your new adventures.


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