Friday, November 01, 2019

Our Autumn Days ♥

For a long time now I've felt like this blog hasn't really been my own. The personal content has been few and far between and I want to reclaim it back a little.

It's amazing working with brands, but I think I've lost my identity somewhat in trying to write content that people love to read - but what about what I love to read and see on my blog?

This used to be such a personal space and I am so thankful that I've documented a lot of our lives together. It's so lovely showing Tyler pictures and thoughts of mine from his first birthday, Christmases of past years, our days out, holidays, etc. and I'm sad that all of this documenting that I do for our 'virtual scrapbook' of sorts, has been lacking as a late.

So here's a much needed personal post and some autumnal pictures I captured and loved.

Autumn seemed to whizz by for us and we were always so busy. Tyler went into senior infants and Beau went to pre-school for the first time. My mornings now consist of busy school runs, gym and work. I have to be honest, I hate the school days because the hour in between pick ups is such a time waster. There's also been some things with Tyler's school that I haven't been happy with that have caused both him and I anxiety.

Hopefully with a new term starting on Monday, these issues will have resolved themselves and we can all move on. If not, at least I'll get the opportunity to air my grievances at his parent-teacher meeting this month.

We didn't have many days out this autumn either, but after a very busy summer of trips all over the country as well as London, Jersey, France and Sark, I think that can be forgiven.

We did manage a trip to Doneraile Park again where the boys loved feeding the 'Bambis' once again! In typical autumn fashion, it rained down on us as soon as we got there - what more could you expect from Irish weather?

We also found out two weeks ago that we'll be moving house as our current one is being sold. This is what I hate about renting, the feeling and anxiety of knowing that the rug can be pulled from under you at any time and the security of having a home is in the hands of someone else.

We're moving into my childhood home - a beautiful 200 and something year old farmhouse in the countryside with my stepfather and although it's not where I imagined I'd be at almost 30, I'm trying to make the most of it and looking forward to the idea of the boys celebrating a Christmas where I also did as a child.

I'm sharing updates on the house makeover and renovation on a new Instagram account @dollydowsiehome in case anyone fancies following along.

A week ago Tyler and Jacek also spent the day in London, where Tyler was delighted to visit a shop that sells nothing but his current obsession - LEGO! Is 6 the age where children just become obsessed with LEGO? It's all he does now but it's so lovely to see him making the most amazing creations.

After a day in London they then flew to South Africa to stay with Jacek's parents. It was his first time home in 14 years and it meant a lot to him to be able to take Tyler there too - my 6 year old has gotten further in this world than I have, I haven't even left Europe!

So winter is here now - November 1st marks the beginning of winter for me as I follow the Gaelic calendar. All I can hope is, in two weeks time when we're out of this current house for good and somewhat settled in the new one, that life can slow down a bit. We've been so busy and I think we need a lot of quality together time.

I'm looking forward to Christmas and all the joy that brings and trying to look ahead to hopefully brighter things on the horizon.

If you're reading this, I hope you have a magical winter time too.


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