Wednesday, October 09, 2019

The Top 5 Most Popular Leased Cars ♥

When it comes to having a car, not everyone can afford to buy a car outright. This is why car leasing is becoming more and more popular. It's an affordable way of having the car you want, without the hassle and the big price tag!

Below is an infographic created by Lease Car who detail the top five most popular leased cars and I'm not surprised to see my own car, the Nissan Qashqai on the list because it's a great family car.

I'm also not surprised to see the Fiat 500 on the list because I love those cars and if I didn't have children I would definitely have one in mint green or pink!

Car leasing means that you will always have a reliable car because you will be leasing a brand new model, this of course means that you may also avail of features that older cars don't have such as built in sat nav and bluetooth streaming between your smartphone and the car radio. We had this feature in a car we leased while on holiday and it was fab!

Leasing a car also means that you get to test out different models and perhaps drive cars that you otherwise wouldn't be able to afford outright. It's a great way of having what you want without committing to buying.

Have you ever considered leasing a car?

Have a look at Lease Car's infographic below if it's something you are considering and are in need of some car inspiration.


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