Wednesday, September 11, 2019

What I Would Do If I Won the Lotto ♥

*This post is in collaboration with Lottoland, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Money, something I wish didn't matter a whole lot in life, but of course, it does. We're not rich people, we get by enjoying the simple and free things in life as best we can and we're happy with that for now, but what would I do if I won the lotto?

Believe it or not, winning the lotto is something I've daydreamed a lot about over the years, usually when I'm on walks and passing beautiful houses that I could only ever dream of affording, but it's okay to dream, right?

In fact, I once did have a dream that I won the Euromillions to the generous sum of €148 to be exact, and since then, that huge figure has been on my mind anytime I think of all the things I'd love to have in life, but simply can't afford right now. That kind of money would be an absolutely life-changing amount for myself and my family and I can only hope that my luck may come up someday!

You have to be in it to win it though, right? Ever since I was a child I've witnessed my parents playing the lotto. It's a bit of a ritual for them on a Friday evening, buying a lotto ticket and hoping their luck comes in. They've won various amounts over the years but we're still waiting on that jackpot!

So, how would I spend the lotto jackpot?
First things first, I would have to buy my own home. I long to put down roots for my children and they long to have a place to call their own too - Tyler continuously asks me when we're going to have our own house and it breaks my heart each time that it's something I can't give to him right now, so that would definitely be first on the list.

My dream is to have a house or cottage in the countryside with a wildflower garden - for all my flower photo captures, a sunny conservatory for relaxing in and enjoying a good book and views of the sea - I'm not asking much am I?

I'd also love it to be in walking distance of the boys' school, as it's also in the countryside and have plenty of space for us and all our things. If I won a big lump sum in the lotto I may even contemplate having an indoor swimming pool in a glass covered building in the garden surrounded by plants and flowers - I'm dreaming big here!

I already have so many ideas on how I'd decorate our future home, so having the money to allow me to fulfill these design dreams would be absolutely amazing!

The next thing I would do is give money to my family, which would allow them to fulfill their own dreams. We've never been rich people, so being able to share the wealth with those who have always been there for me would be a wonderful thing to be able to do and I know we all have our own needs and wants in life.

Finally, I'd like to travel around the world, because right now I haven't seen much of it. I'd love to visit the most exotic of locations and give my children the best education they could possibly get experiencing travel, different cultures and experiencing the earth around them - on school holidays of course, because I figure Ireland with it's beautiful seasons will always be our base.

Fingers crossed one day my lotto dreams come true and allow me to set up roots for our family as well as being able to enjoy the most amazing of experiences, all without having to worry about having money to pay the next bill, etc.

What would you do if you won the lotto?

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