Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Housewarming Gifts That Will Liven Up Any Home ♥

There are few things more exciting than seeing your closest friends or family get the keys to their
new home – it’s heart-warming to think of all the memories that are yet to be made as they settle
down in a new location. 
Of course, you want to help them feel comfortable as quickly as possible and, while it can take a few
weeks or even months for a house to feel like a home, you can certainly do your part to aid that
process in the form of a housewarming gift. But what should you go for? Here are a few ideas for
presents that will liven up any home: 
Welcome mat
It makes sense to start with one of the first things you’ll see as you approach the home. No one
wants a hallway filled with dried mud or leaves trodden in off the street, so why not treat your loved
ones to a welcome mat – perhaps one with a light-hearted message, designed to raise a smile as
guests enter

Spice rack
If your loved ones are keen cooks, why not opt for a stylish spice rack which they can fill and then
replenish at their leisure as they add that all-important seasoning to give their dishes an extra kick.
Gifts of this size and shape can be awkward to transport, so you may want to consider the likes of
Parcel2Go to deliver your present and, who knows, your friends or family might spoil you with a
cooked meal by way of thanks! 
Cocktail set/glassware
Staying in the kitchen, it’s only right that you celebrate someone moving into a new home with the
tipple of your choice. Whether wine, champagne or spirits are your preferred poison, why not treat
your friends to some classy glassware and a cocktail set to match. That way, you can settle round
their new kitchen table and say ‘cheers!’ to the next exciting chapter in their life. 
Laundry basket
There’s no hiding behind the fact that there’s rarely anything exciting about doing the washing, but
that doesn’t mean it has to be a total chore! Why not pick out a colourful basket for your friends or
family – one that will brighten up their bedroom or bathroom and add a little extra sparkle to one of
the more mundane household tasks.

All of these are 'sensible' housewarming gifts but are things which are actually needed in a home, which makes them the perfect gift!

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