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Why A Home Alarm System Is Invaluable For Families ♥

 *This post is in collaboration with Verisure, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.

Do you truly feel secure in your home?

I spend a lot of time in my home, probably more than most people, as not only is it the place I live, but it's also the place I work from, and I have previously shared how I made blogging my full time job in the past couple of years. So, as I spend so much time here, I want to make sure that I feel as safe as possible here.

I have to admit, once autumn arrives and the dark evenings come upon us much sooner than we'd like, I tend to start feeling a bit uneasy when at home, especially when I'm at home alone with the kids.

I refuse to answer the door once it gets dark now, unless I know that someone is coming and with Christmas just a few short months away and having gifts, etc. in the house, it's a time when we all need to be more vigilant about who is watching or houses for the opportunity to snag themselves some free Christmas gifts and ruin Christmas for others at the same time!

It's no wonder I feel this way, with the robbery rate having increased over the year, with 2339 robberies accounted for in the 2nd quarter of 2018. Two years ago, on a February afternoon, my purse was stolen from my car as I was taking the kids in from the school run and ever since then I always make sure that I take everything in immediately and lock the doors once we're inside.

Believe me, having something stolen from you so brazenly makes you feel quite vulnerable and I was quite shook after my purse was stolen (and still am when I think about it) - I sadly never got my purse back either.

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I've been left feeling like I need some peace of mind of our safety, not just for the kids but for myself and our belongings in our home too and this is where a service such as Verisure Smart Alarms is invaluable.

Verisure is the number one provider of alarm systems in Europe and has a more than three million customers, so it is a brand that you can guarantee your safety with. Their alarm systems ensure that your home is protected 365 days a year 24/7, so you can rest easy knowing that your family and possessions are protected. 

Have an alarm system reduces the risk of burglary and theft in your home and honestly, with just a few security tips to ensure that your loved ones and possessions remain safe and secure, I think it's just a small price to pay for peace of mind.

With two young children in the house I think having an alarm system is a must. No price is too much to protect them from harm. Also, as I run my own business from my home and have possessions including laptops, cameras, etc. that can all be quite expensive to replace, having a home alarm system is a must for me.

Along with a home alarm system, there are other things you can do to protect your family and possessions from theft and harm too and over the years these things have become daily tasks for me, so although they make a big difference to our security, they no longer take much effort. These things include -

  • Making sure all out buildings/sheds, etc. are locked when you're away from home. Invest in a good lock, especially if you live in a residential area where people can easily access your garden.
  • Keep all doors and windows (even upstairs windows) locked while you're away from home - even if it's only for half an hour! You never know just how cunning a burglar could be in accessing an open upstairs window. Scarily, a quarter of burglaries occur when the home occupants are asleep upstairs, so keep everything locked when you leave the house and when you go to bed for the night.
  • Install motion sensor lighting around your home to put off intruders - they won't want to be seen once the lights come on.
  • Keep all ladders, tools, etc. locked up and out of sight - these can be used by burglars to access your home and you definitely don't want to give them a helping hand getting in!
  • Keep your cars locked - this was obviously a mistake I made when my purse was stolen. It only took a few minutes in broad daylight for someone to access my car, so now I make sure it's always locked. 

These are such simple things, but along with an alarm system they really make sure that our home and ourselves are safe from break-ins and harm and that's what's important to me. I love the peace of mind that having a home alarm system brings. The fact that it can prevent a break-in in a mere 45 seconds is amazing to me - the wonders of modern technology!

Do you currently have an alarm system in your home? Would it be something you'd look into?

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