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10 Ways For Stay At Home Mothers To Covert A Home Into An Office

A home office can be an invaluable resource for a mum who wants to get more done from the house. Home offices provide a space for personal and off-site work, count as a valuable upgrade that adds value to your home, and it can be a worthwhile tax deduction. Here are some of the ways you can convert a room into a home office. 

1. Choosing a Room

This is probably the most important step in creating a home office.  Ideally, this space should be easy to access and in a quiet environment. A spare bedroom or bedroom-sized area can be an ideal environment for an office, and some prefer the natural light of windows for reading and study. Quiet and peaceful spaces make an ideal home office environment, and there should be sufficient room for at least a desk and chair.

2. Planning your Space

Once you’ve decided on a room for your home office, the next step is to plan out the arrangement. To maximize space, the primary desk can be placed against the far wall or facing the entrance in the back half of the room. A back-facing desk arrangement can provide additional space and easier access, while a front-facing desk allows for guest seating and comfort in larger rooms. If you want to keep your child close while you work, set some space aside for a play area or cot. 

3. Home Office Amenities

Certain amenities are ideal to have in a home office environment, and these rooms provide a functional space to set up essential utilities. For example, setting up your primary internet connection in the home office ensures maximum connection speed for your office equipment. Ensure that there are sufficient power outlets for your space, a simple power strip or two can provide enough connections for a full set of equipment. be sure to make sure that any amenities are properly child-proofed and out of reach. 

4. Installing Office Furniture

When choosing and installing furniture for your home office, remember that form follows function. The primary purpose of the room will be to function as an office, and the style and form will follow suit. Any functional desk and chair will work, and some may prefer a more grand or minimal design. Some may prefer the clean, sleek, and airy look of a modern-style writing desk, while others would prefer a more traditional and roomy wooden executive desk. L-shapes and U-shapes provide multiple functions, while a simple table and chair will serve the same function as any other style.

5. Installing Essential Equipment

A very Spartan and traditional office may include just a typewriter, writing utensils, stationery, and envelopes, but most make use of a laptop or desktop computer. This can be as advanced as a full desktop tower PC with recent components, or simply a laptop with internet and word processing capabilities. At the very least, you should be able to read, produce, store, and deliver documents and materials. A printer can be essential for certain tasks, but be wary of the ongoing costs of ink cartridges and self-cleaning printers.

For a modern and efficient home office setup, consider incorporating an all-in-one desktop, streamlining your workspace with a versatile solution that combines computing power, space efficiency and functionality.

6. Literature and Reference Material

Certain interests and professions require a library of physical reference material to be within arms-reach of the working space. Consider adding a bookshelf to your home office. Not only does a home-office provide an ideal environment for reading and study, but it provides certain professions with readily available books and reference materials. Even with the vast digitization of books and reference documents, having a physical copy around can be very valuable or even essential.

7. Personal Amenities

Some amenities in the home office can be installed just for comfort and convenience. These include appliances for brewing tea and coffee, a mini-fridge for drinks and refreshments, or even a wireless charger for handheld devices. None of these are absolutely necessary, but they can add to the value and features of a home office. You can also set up easy-to-access necessities in case your kids need anything. Having baby formula handy or even some space set up for your child to play in can keep them close and let you keep working. 

8. Specialized Equipment

Depending on how you choose to use your home office, specialized equipment may be necessary or helpful. Hardware tools, audio equipment, scanners, and remotes all fall under the category of specialized equipment.

9. Deducting Home Office Expenses

If the home office is being used frequently and for the sole purpose of a certain business, such as writing or producing professional goods, you may qualify for a home office tax deduction. In order to qualify, the home office must be the principal place of business. The deduction is calculated by the size of the room and the costs of the equipment used. 

This includes personal computers, office equipment, and other incurred costs. This option is particularly attractive to renters, as it can be calculated by the rent paid on the area of the room. Ensure your home office meets these legal requirements before filing a home office deduction with the IRS.

10. Finishing Touches

A few personal touches can go a long way in making the home office a comfortable and productive space. Hard floors can provide a solid surface to hold and complement office furniture, while rugs and carpet can make for a cozier environment. Baby proofing the room can make it more child-friendly and help keep your mind at ease. 

House plants can liven up your space and provide a thoughtful connection to nature. Art, maps, globes, and posters can be a source of contemplation and inspiration. While more colorful decorations and art can help your child's mood. Whatever you choose to complement your home office, it benefits to make it your own and pleasant to work in.


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