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What Is T-Shirt Screen Printing & How Does It Work?

T-shirt screen printing is a relatively new concept but a cool one. People are already growing fond of it as it gives us numerous options of modifying basic t-shirts and making them our own. You can either hire a company, such as Rarecustom to do this for you, or you can do it yourself. No matter what you choose, you will definitely have a lot of fun with it!

With print screening, you can create a completely new t-shirt in less than an hour. So basically, instead of spending lots of time shopping and looking for clothing that you like, why don’t you simply create one yourself?

How does it work?
Print screening is also known as silk screening. In the ancient times, silk was used for it which is why the name.

Ink is at the basis of the process. You will place it on top of a shirt instead of soaking it in ink. There are lots of things that needs to be considered and small changes (such as using a different ink) can yield completely different results. Thicker items are much better as is much better for graphics. It is much softer and provides a much clearer images.

Everything starts by placing a screen. In the ancient times, this screen was made from silk but due to the costs, polyester is much more acceptable nowadays. Your design will be printed onto the screen after which you will need to lay down your shirt atop of it. Ink is poured over seeping through the screen. Once it gets to the shirt and spreads properly, you will have to leave it to dry.

Keep in mind that this is the whole process in a nutshell; there is much more to it and you need to become an expert to get amazing results on a constant basis. This is why it is much better to let a company do it instead of doing it yourself.

What if you made it yourself?
Of course this is always an option and you if you’re a creative person, it might be a lot of fun for you. If we neglect the technical aspect of the process, you have to know a lot about the creative side. In the end, you don’t want to create a t-shirt which you will never wear, right?

Here are some small tips you need to consider when making a pattern:

  • Consider various images. Don’t go with the first one but instead try different variations until you find something that suits your persona 
  • When getting the material, make sure to get the best ink and other items so that you get optimal results 
  • Cotton has always been the ideal fabric for screen printing. If you don’t want to go with it, you can always get something that is mostly cotton and partially polyester 
  • Think about colors. During t-shirt screen printing, you can only opt for one at a time. You can also use several of them but it gets more complicated 
  • If you want to do this process at home, make sure you have the right room for it. It needs to be dark, without any outside light so that the pattern doesn’t get bleached 
  • Lastly, when you’re done with everything, make sure to clean up after yourself. There are lots of stuff you don’t want to have lying around especially if you have a pet or a small child There you go! This is everything you need to know about screen printing. 

With these tips, you can get amazing results whether you’re doing it yourself or paying a company to do it for you.

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