Friday, July 12, 2019

Family Holidays To Lapland To See The Northern Lights ♥

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Lapland is a destination that has been on my bucket list for the longest time and having children has only made me long to go there even more. In fact, I included a trip to Lapland within my 30 Before 30 and would love to be able to tick this off very soon.

When people hear of Lapland they immediately think of Santa Claus and the magic of meeting him there and this is something I definitely want to experience with my sons. However, Lapland has a whole lot more to offer other than just the most amazing Santa experience ever.

Lapland is a stunningly beautiful place - a winter wonderland if you will that would not be amiss in a fairy tale. It's pine forests sprinkled with glittering snow are a gorgeous site and a perfect setting to witness the Aurora Borealis and seeing the Northern Lights in person is something I dream about. It's definitely a sight that everyone should witness at least once in their lives.

Did you know that you can actually go on Northern Lights holidays? The Aurora Zone lets you chase the Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland and discover Mother Nature's greatest wonder with tailor made, amazing sounding holiday experiences. The Aurora Zone is the only UK brand that offers holidays that are dedicated solely to the Aurora Borealis, so if you're wanting to witness them, The Aurora Zone should be your holiday provider port of call.

Activities included within The Aurora Zone's holiday experiences include Northern Lights workshops and Aurora campfire, Aurora hunt by horseback, Aurora glamping, husky hikes, cross-country skiing, etc. with different options available to suit different budgets. I am already in love with the idea of glamping as a family surrounded by the beautiful Finnish countryside and searching for the Aurora Borealis on horseback, it sounds like such a dream!

Prices start from £925 for a three night holiday including direct flights and there longer stay options available too. I think the provision of direct flights makes the whole holiday experience even more family friendly as we all know how daunting it can be travelling with children, never mind having to take connections!

The Aurora Zone holidays sound like an absolute dream and something which I would love to experience in life and have my boys experience too. As an outdoor lover with outdoor loving children, I couldn't think of anything better than experiencing an outdoor family adventure holiday in Finnish Lapland and witnessing and photographing the Aurora Borealis for myself. It would definitely be a dream.

Lapland is such a magical holiday destination and has so much to offer to families who love the great outdoors and all that nature has to offer and who want to experience something different from a holiday rather than the usual sun holiday experience. We have actually never holidayed in a cold destination before and I can't imagine a more perfect destination than Lapland to embrace the snowy climbs and the forestry scenery.

The adventures that can be had in Lapland are like no one and are those that will create forever memories and unforgettable experiences and I believe that the price of these holidays are worth every penny for the magic they offer.

Have you ever been to Lapland? Would you love to holiday there and see the Aurora Borealis through your own eyes?


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