Tuesday, June 25, 2019

My Buddy Wheels Horse Balance Bike ♥

*Beau was sent the My Buddy Wheels horse balance bike for a feature on Instagram. I was not asked to write a blog post but did any way because we love the product so much!

How adorable is Beau's new balance bike?! It's the horse balance bike from My Buddy Wheels and it couldn't be more lovely!

I wasn't asked to write a blog post on the balance bike, but wanted to anyway as I think it's a genuinely lovely product and great for kids. Not only is it a great balance bike that will aid children to get comfortable in learning to ride a bike, but it's a cuddly friend too and it's super cute!

The balance bike is suitable for children aged 2+ and even Tyler, who is 6, loves it. As you can see, Beau has an absolute ball of a time on it! He's a very cautious child and is building up the courage to actually balance on it, but for now he loves riding it around like it's an actual horse!

As well as the horse, My Buddy Wheels have a unicorn and dinosaur balance bike available too. The cuddly bit can be taken off and are easily washable - always an important factor when it comes to products aimed at children!

The My Buddy Wheels horse balance bike is €85 and is available from Halfords websites in Ireland and the UK.

The My Buddy Wheels horse balance bike has been the perfect little companion for Beau - he loves horses, and when he's not galloping around on it (see what I did there!), it sits by his bed, waiting for it's next ride. It makes a beautiful addition to his bedroom too.

I highly recommend it if you're looking for a good quality, cute and fun balance bike for your little ones.

You can see more from My Buddy Wheels on the My Buddy Wheels Instagram page.


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