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Babysits | Helping Parents in Ireland To Find Childcare Easily ♥

 *This is a collaborative post on behalf of Babysits, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed within this post are 100% my own.

If you're a family who have lots of hands on help and babysitting offers from friends and family then I'm totally jealous. Having a family and friends who are readily available for minding our boys for whenever we may need them to do so is just not something that Jacek and I have ever had the luxury of.

If we need the children minded for any particular reason we have to plan well in advance and sometimes, our lack of a babysitter for the boys means that we have to miss out on events, occasions, etc. or go on our own while the other stays at home.

Jacek's parents are in South Africa and my dad lives in Jersey. The only grandparents who are really able to mind our sons are my mother and stepfather, but as they both work and have busy lives too, they can't always be there when we need them.

This is just the way life is for us and sometimes it's hard having no one to mind the boys. I mentioned to Jacek the other day about getting a babysitter for the boys from time to time so that we could go out together, even once a month. Someone from our area who we could interview beforehand, make sure they were reliable and trustworthy and see how we go from there, however, I had no idea where to look for a babysitter as I've never hired one before.

This is where Babysits came in. Babysits is a website that connects parents and babysitters so that the supply and demand for childcare can be matched efficiently. The site allows you to easily search for babysitters or babysitter jobs and you can choose your area, browse babysitter profiles and contact anyone who you think may suitable for your family.

I searched babysitters in my area and there were 12 active babysitter profiles available. I browsed through some and saw that some were people that I would recognise from the community - this was quite reassuring to be honest. I was also able to see how much experience they had to offer, read more about them as a person, see what childcare or first aid training they had, the price they charge per hour, if they had a car/driving license, what times they were available for babysitting jobs, etc.

It should be noted that Babysits does not screen it's platform members - it is up to parents, guardians, etc. to fully interview and screen any potential babysitters before leaving their children in the care of them - all common sense really.

Babysits is free to join for babysitters - so it's an ideal platform to join if you want to offer your child-minding services. Babysits Premium is €9.95 per month and this allows you to contact babysitters, plan babysitting appointments, post jobs, etc. You can cancel at any time.

Babysits would definitely be beneficial to families like us who need to source childcare from outside our family and friend circle. It's a great resource for parents who are actively searching for childcare and I think it's great that Ireland has an online childcare resource like this.

For more information of Babysits or to sign up for their service visit

Have you ever used Babysits? Would you use a service like this?


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