Sunday, June 09, 2019

A DIY Car Themed Birthday Cake (For When the Cake Maker Lets You Down!) ♥

Beau turned 3 on May 19th and over a month in advance I had planned a booked his birthday cake - a pale blue and white cake with sweet and dripping icing decoration, all complete with a little yellow Morris Minor car model which we had bought him as a gift.

However, things didn't work out that way. Less than 24 hours before his party the cake maker cancelled on me due to a circumstance out of her control, but still, I was left without a cake and no time to get someone else to make one.

Cue me panicking and making a speedy visit to the supermarket in case they sold out of cakes (which they've been known to do in the evenings!). I still wanted to stick to the car theme for our car obsessed boy and although it wasn't how I intended his birthday cake to look, I think it turned out for the better really.

The cake I put together for him turned out cheaper than the one I had ordered, tasted delicious and everyone loved how it looked. Beau was delighted with his new car on top and honestly, it's left me doubting whether I'll ever use a cake maker again when I can easily make something cheaper and just as lovely at home.

So here's a DIY car themed birthday cake, for when the cake maker lets you down or if you just want to try your hand at putting together a birthday cake yourself.

I bought two Cadbury's Flake cakes (which taste amazing!) and popped one on top of the other. You could easily make two cake sponges yourself and decorate with chocolate flakes, etc. if you had the time. I then tried to think of something which would resemble something to do with a car so bought some chocolate doughnuts to appear as wheels. I just popped these around the bottom of the cake.

I then finished with a number 3 sparkler and his little yellow car and there you have it, a cheap, delicious and lovely looking birthday cake which was just perfect for our little car obsessed boy.

No need for all the panic after all! I finished off for the little birthday cake display with some of Beau's classic looking cars, a letter board, some blue and white flowers and some obligatory birthday balloons. I love how it all looked and thankfully Beau did too.


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